Rating System

To tie in with my Blog page, I have a heart rating system


1 heart will mean I really don’t recommend you read this one!

2 hearts. . it was ok, but I wasn’t blown away.

3 hearts means it was good but and I would recommend it but don’t be in any rush . . . . 

4 hearts . . I really liked it and think this is one you should read soon 🙂

5 hearts . . Now this a book that I loved, one to add to my favourites list, I may have even cried!!! Go out and buy this NOW!!!

Every so often I may even put a DNF in here but I try really hard not to, although I have learnt that I am not going to enjoy everything LOL!!

However, this is only MY opinion and I am so chuffed that this blog has so many followers so I don’t mind when someone shares a different one with me . . . discussion is good :-)!

It makes my day to see all your comments :-) Thanks xx

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