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Day #3: 30 day Blogging Challenge – My Zodiac sign

30 day

As I was born at the beginning of April, my zodiac sign is Aries.

I was never a huge believer in the links between personality and zodiac signs but whilst on Pinterest recently (surprise!) I realised that actually I may have more Aries traits than I thought . . . . .


This is completely true! I would prefer someone to be honest to my face, even if it hurts, than for a person to be two-faced and bitch behind my back!!


I’m lucky that my children are so good at giving hugs, I’ve needed a lot lately! To me, a hug is one of the best gifts you can give someone.


This is a difficult one to talk about, particularly after my recent epiphany about my marriage. Emotional abuse is hard and everyone has their limits, but it is NOT right!


When I was younger I thought being happy meant people liking you. As I’ve got older and less inclined to put up with crap, I’ve accepted that being truly happy is being with people who care about you – despite faults. I can count the number of TRUE friends I have on one hand, and for me that’s really ok.


I’ve always liked my eyes – probably the only part of myself I do – and I really hope that people can see a warmth behind them, however scary that may be!!

I think I could go on forever with these, but I hope I’ve shown that I am possibly the true definition of my zodiac sign!

What sign are you? Does your personality match?





It makes my day to see all your comments :-) Thanks xx

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