Title: The Wendigo Witchling
Author: B. Kristin McMichael
Series: The Skinwalkers’ Witchling #2
Published by: Lexia Press
Publication date: June 7th 2016
Genres: Paranormal, Young Adult
Cassie is part of it now. Turns out, she may not want to join the coven, but that’s exactly what she did when she bonded herself to Nate. Rather than face the ordeal of joining the clan, Cassie finds it’s time for a road trip with her best friend, Whitney. The road trip was to get away, maybe learn a bit more about night humans—it wasn’t to find a deep dark secret hidden in Whitney’s past, one that may hit a little closer to home than Cassie wants to admit. With their road trip cut short, it is time to confront everyone about the lies that had been their lives, but Cassie soon finds out home isn’t exactly how she left it.
Where have all the witches gone? She’s the only witch left in town when they return. Soon she is dragged into more than she bargained for and she has to make choices that will change everything. She’s finally given a choice: does she want to be a skinwalkers witch or a wendigo witch? Too bad there are more secrets than answers. Without all the facts, can she really choose her life’s direction? Time isn’t on her side as she has to make a choice. Now she just hopes it’s the right one.

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The tiger nodded to her and closed his eye again. Cassie tried not to laugh out loud. Her life had grown a bit surreal. Nate lifted up his large tiger head and stared at her as if to question her laugh.
“Please don’t give me that look. Had you told me two weeks ago I would be sitting around talking to a real live tiger, I would have called the psych ward at the hospital for you. This is all too crazy.”
Tiger Nate rolled off the bed without as much as a thunk of the floor and padded his way over to the bathroom, but paused in the doorway.
Cassie giggled more. “Please don’t tell me that you need to use the restroom and need me to lift the toilet seat.”
Tiger Nate rolled his eyes.
‘Come with me please.’ He finally spoke.
Cassie followed him into the bathroom. Luckily it was as large and ornate as the bedroom, and they easily both fit in it. Cassie had to scold herself from thinking about how if she invited tiger Nate into her bathroom at home there wouldn’t be enough room. It would be hilarious, though.
‘Close your eyes if you don’t want to catch an eyeful,’ Nate warned her.
‘An eyeful of what?’ Cassie asked as the tiger stood back onto two feet and began to morph into a human.
Cassie shut her eyes and put her hands over them. Skinwalkers transformed back naked, and Nate was standing there, facing her. Her cheeks flushed since he was naked in the bathroom with her.
“I’m decent now,” Nate stated, removing her hands from her closed eyes.
She peeked through her lashes. He was standing in front of her with just a towel wrapped around his waist. His chest was bare, but no longer cut up. There wasn’t even a scar left from his fight two days with the wendigo. Cassie tried not to get caught staring at him. He looked good.
He continued to hold her hands as he stood there waiting for her to fully open her eyes.
“You shouldn’t be human. You know Jack is trying to catch you,” Cassie scolded, finally bringing herself out of her gawking and back to reality.giveaway
About the Author
B. Kristin McMichael graduated with her PhD in biology at Ohio State where she worked as a scientist before taking her passion of writing full-time. Besides writing, she enjoys chasing her kids, playing outside, and baking cookies. She lives in Ohio with her husband and three children.
B. Kristin is the author of YA and clean NA paranormal fiction. Her “Night Human World” includes the YA series “The Blue Eyes Trilogy” about a midwestern girl who comes of age in a world of battling vampire clans, the “The Day Human Trilogy” that takes place among the Appalachian Sidhe fairies, and “The Skinwalkers Witchling” trilogy that follows an apprentice witch in the Pacific Northwest. She’s also the author of the NA paranormal time travel romance series “The Chalcedony Chronicles“.

Night Human World Series:
The Blue Eyes Trilogy
The Day Human Trilogy
The Skinwalkers WitchlingFor more information on all of her books, visit her website

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