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James Lee Hard released Stripped Expectations in March 2015 and has since written two more books to rave reviews! As a relatively new M/M romance author I thought it would be fun if we got to know James Lee Hard better and luckily he agreed to be interviewed for today’s feature.

Me: Describe your new release to us in 7 words.
JLH: Finding your inner strength, falling in love

Me: What 5 items would you buy with £1 million?
JLH: I don’t think I have 5 items I’d buy because there’s not that many things I want to own – although, of course, I have many more than I should. But I’d say: a house somewhere in the countryside, my parents’ retirement and a sizeable donation for Albert Kennedy Trust, a LGBTQ foundation that helps homeless young people. The rest of the money I’d use to travel the world. I miss Tokyo.

Me: Do you agree with the saying “write what you know”
JLH: I understand where it comes from, but I don’t necessarily agree. If I just wrote about what I know, I would have never published my first M/M book! So, I would say write about what you know and research what you’re not familiar with.

Me: What was the most surprising thing you learnt when writing your new book Becoming Jake?
JLH: I think it was realizing how much I dislike people trying to get their beliefs down my throat, especially when they’re meant to hurt. In the end, I really appreciated my beta reader’s reactions to the story and how they could find so many good messages in it, despite this central topic.

Me: Why do you think there has been such a rise in the M/M genre?
JLH: I think it’s due to the popularity of e-books and e-book readers. Suddenly, everyone is able to read what he or she likes without being afraid of other people’s judgmental stares. I think that privacy renewed an interest that’s always been there.

Me: If you were a cocktail, what would you be?
JLH: I’m not really much of a drinker, but I have to say “Oh my” Mai Tai. I tried it the other day and loved it! Plus, I’m a huge fan of George Takei and love how he’s always writing “oh my” on his Facebook posts when referring to something kinky.

Thanks so much to James Lee Hard for answering my questions today 🙂

Do you know anything about James Lee Hard’s books? Here’s a beginners guide!




Hunky Mark is unemployed, penniless and living off the help of his friends. His life orbits around sex encounters that leave him with a bitter aftertaste. He went from skinny tall guy to hunk in a few years, after promising himself not to let anyone beat him again. But Mark still struggles with his self-image because underneath all of his muscles he still feels like a clumsy teenager.
His life starts to change when a stranger approaches Mark offering him a job as a stripper. Mark immediately dismisses it as another lame attempt at getting him laid. But his desperate need for money makes him think twice. He ends up surrounded by gorgeous men, his first true love and a past that just refuses to go away.
WARNING: This book contains explicit scenes of consensual sex between men as well as some graphic language. It is intended for a mature, adult audience.

Purchase: Amazon





Scott loved Russell since the day they met in college. He was the perfect guy: manly, gorgeous and charming. He only had one problem: a long time girlfriend. But that didn’t stop Scott from catching mixed signals from Russell since day one. Could those just be wishful thinking?
Things reach a cathartic moment during Russell’s wedding rehearsal. In an episode of foolishness, Scott drinks too much and drops the bomb. It was his last chance to know if his gaydar was right all along.
Inspired on a true story, this short is fuelled with heated discussions and physical encounters that will engage readers into a small but enthralling plot.
WARNING: This book contains explicit scenes of consensual sex between men as well as some graphic language. It is intended for a mature, adult audience.

Purchase: Amazon


25891600 (1)



After a disastrous breakup with his deranged boyfriend, Jake sees himself forced to go back to his parents’ house. What was supposed to be a calm return to gather himself, turns out to be an intense and complicated journey where Jake has to confront a bigoted father who is constantly degrading him, take care of a sick mother who was never bold enough to speak her mind and deal with the not-so-over relationship.
Jake embarks on a journey that brings him the pain from his past, long lost friends and old passions that could be reignited if Jake has the courage to overcome his lingering inner fears.
Will Jake defeat his deepest fears in order to become who he truly is?
WARNING: This book contains explicit scenes of consensual sex between men as well as some graphic language. It is intended for a mature, adult audience.

Purchase: Amazon


Want to WIN an ebook copy of one of James Lee Hard’s books? Leave me a picture of your favourite male cover model in the comments!

About the Author

James spends most of his time looking at his computer screen, trying to summon the magical words that make the ingredients for a great story. He dreams about being able to move people and becoming a great writer one day.
He writes contemporary gay romance and erotica but he wants to write about much more. His mind is filled with sci-fi gadgets, swords, wizards and dragons and he has trouble trying to choose one theme. Maybe one day we’ll read something starring sinewy heroes battling giant dragons in tight pants. But the romance will always be there. And the abs. And the happy endings – Jame’s a sucker for them.
James draws inspiration from everyday life, books, movies, songs, pictures and much more. Almost everything can ignite his desire to write but not all will end up on his stories.
James is an indie author who relies on friends and a growing base of lovely beta readers to help him with his stories, ensuring that each book is better than the previous one.

Links: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Amazon | Goodreads


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  1. Hi, I agree the interest for this genre has always been there but being able to get hold of and read the books is more easier with ebooks and being able to read or write books on social media sites (e.g. fanfiction). Now heres the tricky bit, I have never posted an image directly before into a comment before, just a link, so trying it now and not sure what is going to happen LOL 😀 thank you for the giveaway…


    1. Did not work 😦 It was a SFW picture of David Gandy (one of the few that its my collection 😉 ) He reminds me of the old Hollywood actors and I think he is taking up acting after retiring from modeling.


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