Title: Encouraged by Sparks
Author: Gregory Jonathan Scott
Release Date: July 10th 2015
Age Group: Adult
Genre: M/M Contemporary Romance


After his home falls under fire, Skye’s way of life turns completely around. He instantly forms a bond with Tanner, the firefighter who brings emotions out of him that have been suppressed too long. Against his better judgment, Tanner invites Skye in, finds his beauty and charm irresistible, leaving himself hopelessly committed to more than giving Skye a temporary place to stay.
As Skye finds himself increasingly drawn to Tanner, the connection he has with him turns into a journey of self-discovery. Through trifling phobias that have overshadowed him, Skye begins to wonder if his reservations of an open relationship will tear them apart.
Tanner stirs desires in Skye and the heat between them can’t be ignored. Will Skye’s sheltered past weigh heavily on him and put a meaningful future with Tanner at risk? Will the sparks they have live on or go out because of it?

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I was lucky enough to receive an early review copy of Encouraged By Sparks from Gregory Jonathan Scott and I knew before beginning the story that I needed a clear hour or two on which I could devote Skye and Tanner my full attention.
I am already a fan of the author, but I think that he has managed to excel himself with this novella. His characters have so much vibrancy which makes them jump from the pages and I wondered how much Skye and Tanner were based on Gregory Jonathan Scott and his own partner.
Skye is forced into a vulnerable position; made homeless after a fire in his apartment. A little unusually he is offered a place to stay by Tanner, the fireman who rescued Skye from the burning building. Yet we become so involved in the beginning of the couple’s romance that small details like protocol become unimportant.
This is not an insta-love story. We understand Skye’s feelings towards his knight in fireman blues! Although his emotions extend past lust and even gratitude, they increase they increase the depth of his attraction.
Skye and Tanner are forced into the unusual position of living together whilst getting to know one another. This does not mean that Gregory Jonathan Scott jumps straight to the sex and forgets the romance. Instead it is the small gestures which assure us of the couple’s early commitment.
Skye and Tanner do progress to a physical relationship and I love the fact that the author refuses to be limited by the descriptions used by other authors in the romance genre. Yes, there is an element of seriousness but Gregory Jonathan Scott does not forget that sex can be fun!
Encouraged By Sparks may be a “quickie” but it is sure to be a story that we will all enjoy!




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