Title: Summer Love
Author: RaShelle Workman
Release Date: June 16th 2015
Age Group: New Adult
Genre: Contemporary Romance


“A stand alone contemporary summer romance that’ll have you laughing, crying, and longing to read it again and again.”
Simone needed a miracle.
She needed him…
Simone St. James was a librarian from the tourist town of Bandon, Oregon.
Two summers ago – before all hell broke loose – she met Sam. He was everything she ever wanted in a man: smart, funny, and jaw-droppingly gorgeous. But after eight perfect weeks together, he left without leaving a note.
She hadn’t heard from him. For nearly two freaking years there’d been nothing. Not a word.
Until he sent her an email asking her to meet so he could explain.
Seeing him might be a mistake. It probably was, but Simone had to one last time, even it was just to say goodbye.

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As followers of my reviews will already know, I am a huge fan of RaShelle Workman and a main reason for this is her ability to write engrossing stories in a variety of genres. Another is that her female protagonists are never the archetypal damsel in distress. They can be difficult and moody, but are still brave and determined. Simone in Summer Love is no different.
During the novella, Simone turns 21. She has already experienced first love, been left by this man, fulfilled the role of a single parent and dealt with her own health issues. But Simone is positive, refusing to dwell on the problems which would force others to break down and for that I think she charms us even more.
Summer Love is a short, but heart-warming story. At the beginning, we want to support Simone by hating Sam, but this becomes impossible. Although this is aimed at a New Adult readership, RaShelle Workman is able to communicate the strength of passion between the couple without writing explicit sex scenes.
Summer Love is just another example of RaShelle Workman’s talent as an author and this is a story I will happily re-read, only this time I will make sure I’m wearing waterproof mascara!



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