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Lisa Worrall lives in the UK and saw her first book printed in 2010. In the 5 years that followed she has been credited with writing 29 other M/M Romance titles, encompassing a complete range of sub-genres, from Fantasy, Paranormal, Mystery, Thriller and Contemporary.
The full range of Lisa Worrall’s books can be found HERE. This list includes the Laurel Heights series and the Left at the Crossroads series, which Lisa is co-writing with Sue Brown.

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When Lisa kindly agreed to feature on Male Monday I asked her to write a guest post telling us about a scene in one of your books which was inspired by personal experience. Over to Lisa . . . .



When I wrote I Can See For Miles, I drew on a very personal experience for me.
Charlie, one of the main characters, had recurring cataracts. The doctors didn’t know why it kept happening to him, but it did. I remember reading a review that said I hadn’t done my research and cataracts couldn’t come back and all I had to do was Google it. Unfortunately, Google wasn’t around when my dad’s cataracts grew back for the third time.
As I wrote the doctor’s visit Charlie had to discuss his options, one of which was to lose his sight, I was rocketed back to the hospital appointment I attended with my own father. I remembered the look on my dad’s face when the doctor told him the only way to give him any relief from the pain he was in was to inject his eye and kill the sight completely. When I tried to get inside Charlie’s mind all I had to do was go back to that day and imagine the feel of my dad’s fingers on mine, and how tightly he gripped them when he was told his own options.
I will admit it was hard for me. It took my dad a long time to recover and I’m not sure he ever really did. I’m sure by now medical science has moved on and you probably can find the answer on Google. I just wish it had been available for my dad when he faced the same trials as Charlie.

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Thank you, Lisa, for writing such an honest guest post.

About the Author


I live in a small seaside town just outside London, on the South Coast of England that boasts the longest pier in the world; where I am ordered around by two precocious children and a dog who thinks she’s the boss of me.
I’ve been writing seriously for three years now and love giving voice to the characters warring to be heard in my head, and am currently petitioning for more hours in the day, because I never seem to have enough of them.
I like nothing more than bringing together two people in interesting and sometimes bizarre ways, and hope that the readers enjoy the characters’ journey as much as they and I do.

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