Title: Vampire Nights
Author: RaShelle Workman
Series: Blood & Snow Season Two, Vol #3
Release Date: June 8th 2015
Age Group: Young Adult
Genre: Fractured Fairy Tale/Fantasy


Jasmine is an original vampire born of the seven magics. In all her fifteen years she’s had one desire, an ultimate wish.
And a gorgeous genie named Laeddin granted it.
She should be living her happily ever after, right? Wrong.
Her wish created grave consequences and only she can repair them. But every time she tries, the problems get worse.
Like the darkness overtaking the human realm as well as the others. Jasmine knows it’s the evil sorceress Maleficent. She’s seen her wicked plan to rule.
Jasmine must go after a crown created by the fairies thousands of years ago. Its believed the artifact will give the wearer immeasurable power, but its been broken into five pieces.
The first is thought to be in Connecticut…

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This third instalment of Jasmine’s story is far more frenetic than we have experienced previously, as she searches for the pieces of the crown which will help her to defeat Sharra.
In my review for Vampire Secrets, I commented on the love square that was formed between Jasmine, Laeddin, Troy and Christopher, but in this story RaShelle Workman helps us to understand this further. Christopher is the Hunter who satisfies Jasmine’s primal need for blood; a deep connection but really no more than lust. Despite the fact that Troy is a shapeshifter, Jasmine’s romance with him calms “Jack” – the human teenager side of her. But it is Jasmine’s relationship with Laeddin which is the most complicated. Whilst his wrist tattoos remind her that he is there to serve, she has moved past the point of craving his taste,

“He smelled delicious as usual, especially his blood. It wasn’t nearly as tempting as it had been when we first met, but I still desired it. Him.”

In Vampire Nights, more than any other story in the series, RaShelle Workman ensures that we empathise with Jasmine. She goes through various phases in this short time; confusion, longing, self-pity, grief and bravery, which make following the next stage of her journey all the more important to us.
Vampire Nights begins “89 days until total Darkness”, with Sharra using the Akuma to unleash destruction and though this fills us with an apprehension I now can’t wait for the next book in this amazing series!



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