Title: The Altered #2
Author: Annabelle Jacobs
Series: Lycanaeris #2
Release Date: May 28th 2015
Age Group: Adult
Genre: MM Romance/Shapeshifters


A remote farmhouse in Cornwall seems the perfect place for Ash to settle into his recently altered status. Starting a new life there with Sam—the shifter he can’t stay away from—should be easy this far from London where they faced so much danger. So why does adjusting seem impossible?
Sam has issues of his own. He has to get used to his human form again after living the last eight years as a wolf. It’s hard when human worries weigh so heavily on his shoulders. Life is much more straightforward from a wolf’s perspective, until Ash needs his human support.
Ash’s problem is simple: he’s fearful of shifting fully. How can he believe he won’t hurt Sam when his genes were altered to create a killer? Despite repeated reassurance, his anger and resentment increase. Only one thing is certain: if Ash can’t learn to trust himself soon, he’s in danger of proving himself right.

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Anyone who has read the first book in the Lycanaeris series will have been curious by the relationship between Sam and Ash. Luckily Annabelle Jacobs chose to write a sequel telling their story!
Both men are changed by the recent events on London; Sam is adapting to more time spent as a human and Ash is merely existing, fearful of the unknown. Yet these two have found comfort in their friendship, both able to calm the other. Although Sam is confident that Ash is his mate, Ash is less ready to admit his feelings, particularly as he is unable to assimilate Sam ‘the man’ with Sam ‘the wolf’.
The story is not filled with as much tension as its prequel, but an air of gloom and apprehension hangs over the group as the full moon approaches.
Between Sam and Ash there is a tenderness as they explore their sexual relationship, neither man being particularly experienced. This is a romance we cannot help to be charmed by and this is one M/M paranormal romance you would be silly to ignore! I hope this is not the end of the Altered, but if it is I can start reading Annabelle Jacobs’ other books!



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