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Today we welcome Nic Starr to All in One Place with a guest post and giveaway!

Nic Starr is a M/M romance author. She has written 4 novellas and 1 full-length novel, which have been published by Dreamspinner Press, but her first novella was included as part of the Love’s Landscapes Anthology, published by the Goodreads M/M Group. Find her titles listed on Goodreads.

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Charlie’s Hero is the first novel in the Heroes series and is expected to be released on June 17th 2015.


Schoolteacher Charlie Matthews returns to his hometown, looking to regain a sense of community, reconnect with friends, and settle down. It looks like his dreams have come true when paramedic Josh Campbell attends an accident at the school. It’s love at first sight, and a romance begins.
But Josh’s reluctance to come out to the brother who raised him, puts pressure on their fledgling relationship. While Charlie understands Josh’s concerns, he can’t help growing impatient. After all, Charlie came out years ago.
It’s not until Charlie confronts his own parents and realizes he hasn’t come to terms with their rejection that he fully understands what Josh has to lose. But Josh is Charlie’s hero, and Josh will do anything to prove to Charlie that to be part of a family, he doesn’t need his parents.

Pre-Order: ebook | Paperback

GIVEAWAY : WIN an ebook copy of Charlie’s Hero by Nic Starr

GUEST POST by NIC STARR: 10 Things You Didn’t Know about Me

I was excited when Kirsty invited me to appear on her blog. Yay! A chance to get out and about, and connect with more people. But then I realised I needed to talk about myself. Surprise, surprise, like most people I find this hard to do. Kirsty suggested a topic “10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me”. Luckily she didn’t suggest 10 things you wanted to know about me or it would have been a much shorter list 🙂
So here goes . . .

1. Cooking is one of my passions — I love to entertain and cook up a storm. Check out some photos of my creations.
Nic's Kitchen
2. Writing is my escape — I love to lose myself in the process of bringing characters and a story to life
3. I’m a country girl trapped inside a city girl’s body —I live in the ‘burbs of Sydney but we have a house in the country that unfortunately I don’t get to often enough. Fingers crossed we’ll be able to move there permanently sometime in the next few years.
4. I wear multiple hats — manager, wife, mum, sister, friend, blogger, writer.
5. Rats and parachutes — I’m sort of girly. I like painted fingernails, heels, a bit of bling, and I’m more indoors than outdoors. Somehow it always surprises people that I have jumped out of a perfectly good aeroplane (twice) and kept rats as pets.
6. I’m an Aussie through and through — aussie, aussie, aussie, oi, oi, oi! 🙂
7. You may have already guessed this one, but I’m a firm believer that LOVE IS LOVE. I hope my writing opens more people’s eyes to this by sharing stories of men falling in love and finding their happy endings. Our genre promotes acceptance.
8. I met my hubby at work
We had an office fling – yes, alcohol was involved – that lead to my happy ever after
9. I can’t speak any other languages apart from English
The closest I come to another language is switching between my Aussie/UK English and US English. Thank goodness for editors!
10. I like wine.
Okay, I love wine. Especially wine with bubbles. I hope there is lots in my life to celebrate so I have a lot of excuses to drink champagne!

Thanks for having me , Kirsty. It’s been fun. 🙂

About the Author

Nic Starr

Nic Starr lives in Australia where she tries to squeeze as much into her busy life as possible. Balancing the demands of a corporate career with raising a family and writing can be challenging but she wouldn’t give it up for the world.
Always a reader, the lure of m/m romance was strong and she devoured hundreds of wonderful m/m romance books before eventually realising she had some stories of her own that needed to be told!
When not writing or reading, she loves to spend time with her family–an understanding husband and two beautiful daughters–and is often found indulging in her love of cooking and planning her dream home in the country.
You can find Nic on Facebook, Twitter and her blog. She’d love it if you stopped by to say hi.

Links: Blog | Amazon | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Goodreads




10 thoughts on “Learn 10 things about NIC STARR! #malemonday #mmromance

  1. Great post, very interesting. I’m looking forward to picking up Charlie’s Hero. Just finished Love Complicated and haven’t decided what to start next, there’s about 20 to chose from. Thanks for a chance in the giveaway.


  2. Right at this moment I am reading “Keep Swimming” by Kade Boehme. Thanks for the giveaway, I can’t wait to read “Charlie’s Hero”!!


  3. I love the blurb of Charlie’s Hero. And the cover is beautiful. I’m currently reading Northbound (The North Novels #1) by Cara Dee. Thanks for the giveaway chance 🙂


  4. Thank you for sharing these facts with us 🙂 Gosh what pretty party food and I was once a city girl living in the countryside and now I am much happier and cannot stand city life 🙂 I am reading a few books at the moment, one of them is Andrew Grey’s book Fire & Water and I have just finished and loved Wade Kelly’s My Roommates a Jock… Thank you for a chance to win a copy of Charlie’s Hero 😀


It makes my day to see all your comments :-) Thanks xx

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