It’s already May 12th so this month I am really late with my April re-cap, sorry! I think it’s just starting to sink in how far we are into the year and I am already planning my summer holiday.
April was a really busy month and between reviewing, social media promotion for Creative Minds and real-life, I am being kept out of mischief 🙂

I read 15 books in April and am 38% of the way through my Goodreads reading challenge, although if I keep reading at this rate I don’t think I’ll make 190 books. For me, 5 books received a full rating:

Moment of Clarity hires 23126227 23358161 24862656 25243522



I gave the majority of my April reads 4 stars though:

WTLSPartOne32.6 (2) 24345709 25256986 18076434 25173348 (1) 18492917 24490083  25418680


Only 2 books were 3 star stories:

18209909 18513992

Any of my regular blog followers will notice that I am now reading much more Gay Fiction. This is a conscious choice because of my changing tastes, but I don’t think that at any point this will be the only genre I read. I hope that you all still enjoy my reviews!


It makes my day to see all your comments :-) Thanks xx

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