Title: Chasing Bristol
Author: Shane Morgan
Series: Finding Trilogy #2
Release Date: April 20th 2015
Age Group: New Adult
Genre: Romantic Suspense


Bristol is trying to move on from a cheating ex. The last thing she wants are roses, gifts, and suggestive notes popping up at her apartment and at work.
When Bristol meets Mason—a charming and sweet guy who wants a chance with her—she’s convinced that he is the mystery guy trying to capture her heart. The thought fizzles when what appeared to be harmless turns into something much more terrifying, and Bristol realizes that Mason isn’t capable of such things—not in his position.
Bristol’s secret admirer is determined to have her for himself, no matter what. Will she have the courage to fight?

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In her previous novels, Shane Morgan has proved that she is capable of taking pretty much any genre and writing an addictive story! Chasing Bristol is just another success for her! I was genuinely taken aback by how Bristol’s story played out; frightened for her safety, in awe of her strength and seduced by the romance.
Chasing Bristol is no ordinary New Adult Contemporary Romance. It is the story of a young woman being stalked to a life-threatening degree. Shane Morgan does not patronize her reader, instead the breadcrumb trail she leaves does not only lead us towards the actual perpetrator, but also points at nearly every male character in the novel.
Shane Morgan does not sugarcoat the danger Bristol is in either. There are some shocking and unnecessary deaths as her stalker attempts to control Bristol’s actions. It is Bristol’s determination not to be manipulated by this mysterious person which is one reason we have faith in her relationship with Mason, despite his suspicious behavior. Theirs is a romance initially born out of Bristol’s need for stability and protection and rather than the stalker separating them, he pushes them closer together.
One aspect of Shane Morgan’s stories that I really like is the fact that she steers clear from graphic sex scenes, which often seem obligatory in the New Adult contemporary romance genre. Instead, she intimates at the passionate moments shared between Bristol and Mason, leaving everything else to our imagination.
Chasing Bristol is a complex, but brilliantly formed novel and I cannot wait for any future releases by Shane Morgan.



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