Title: Dangerous Authority
Author: M Jet
Release Date: April 30th 2015
Age Group: Adult
Genre: Romantic Suspense


Mary Jane Barnaby is a small town girl who has it all, or so it seems. Mother of three healthy happy children, brains, and good looks. The only thing lacking is a strong marriage. Though she graciously rose to the occasion of becoming a mother, it happened by mistake, leading to her marriage to Zander Barnaby. Though he is handsome, often kind and funny, and a decent father, Zander falls sorely short in the department of providing for his family and sobriety. Six years of marriage has proven tumultuous at best, but Mary Jane stays the course.
The reemergence of Mary Jane’s “one who got away,” Police Sergeant Dominique Flame certainly doesn’t help her difficult situation. However, as a devoted wife, Dominique’s presence is of little consequence to Mary Jane…
Until her husband Zander dies in a grievous accident.
Even in the wake of the unexpected and terrible tragedy, Mary Jane feels she might have a chance at genuine happiness; completion. Except that she fails to realize that ex’s are usually ex’s for a reason.
Sometimes it’s a dark and terrifying reason.
She loves him. She craves him. He is her obsession. But obsession sometimes leads to madness.
*** Included after this novella are the introduction and first three chapters of Mary Contrary: Volume One of the Nursery Rhyme Chronicles, M Jet’s psychological thriller series. Insanity, crime, witches, ghosts, and demons all in one heart-stopping series ***

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In her latest release, M Jet does what she does best and allows us to be people-watchers and voyeurs, as good and bad events take place in the lives of her characters.
Despite the fact that there is a gun on the cover, M Jet lulls us into a false sense of security as Mary Jane is reminded of her feelings for first-love, Dominique Flame, and she begins a very hot sexual relationship with him. Although the strong, unselfish and caring Mary Jane we saw at the beginning of the story never entirely disappears, there are slight changes in her character which indicate her fear and unhappiness.
I find it really interesting how M Jet uses Dominique’s name to reveal so much about his personality. Firstly he is sexually and emotionally dominating and his anger erupts like a fire. Although we are given these clues, the story is written in such way that the tension escalates, for both us and the characters, and Dangerous Authority concludes as the suspense reaches its peak.
M Jet is a talented storyteller and though this is a departure from her original horror genre, Dangerous Authority is definitely worth a read!




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