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Alexa Land is the author of the best-selling Firsts and Forever series; contemporary M/M romances which follow a group of friends as they experience love and trials. Alexa Land has just released the 8th book, Belonging, and though the stories overlap they can be read as stand-alones.

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Alexa Land has also written Feral, a paranormal M/M Romance and The Tinder Chronicles, a paranormal trilogy.

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Alexa Land’s most recent book, Belonging, was only released on Friday 17th April and is already #221 on Amazon and #1 in the LGBT romance section!



Can two damaged men build a future together from the shattered pieces of their lives?
Gianni Dombruso’s life was altered forever at the age of four, when his parents were murdered and he and his brothers went to live with their grandmother, the irrepressible Nana Dombruso. Now almost thirty, Gianni has spent his life bouncing from relationship to relationship, seeking but never finding the security and stability he so desperately craves.
Alexzander Tillane was one of the biggest pop stars in the world when he walked away from it all in the middle of a concert in 2002. Almost destroyed by the pressure of fame, Zan retreated to a life of quiet solitude in an effort to heal. But the cure backfired, leaving him with more issues than answers.
Zan knows he can’t give Gianni the stability he’s looking for, not with all his problems. He can’t even imagine why the beautiful younger man would want to get involved with someone so damaged, but the heat between them can’t be ignored. Giving in to it could be a huge mistake. Or maybe both men might end up right where they belong.

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Unfortunately I haven’t had chance to read Belonging yet, but I am offering a random commentator an ecopy of the book 🙂 Just say hi or let me know what you think of Alexa Land’s sexy book covers  . . .it can be anything! Just remember to leave your email address, please!

My review of Against The Wall (Firsts and Forever #7) can be found HERE.

I am really excited that Alexa Land agreed to be interviewed, particularly as she is busy editing Chance’s story!  🙂

Me: How many more books in the Firsts and Forever series have you planned?
AL: The series is open-ended. As long as it remains popular and my readers keep asking for more, I’ll keep ‘em coming! My new book, Belonging, is the eighth in the series. Each book can stand alone, or readers can read in order and get more backstory.

Me: Name one fairytale you would like to rewrite with a M/M twist.
AL: I’m going to go ahead and count Disney fairytales here, and say Beauty and the Beast. I would write the hell out of a male/male version of that. 🙂

Me: Which of your characters has been the most difficult to create?
AL: You know, I’m lucky because they’ve all come easily to me. If I had to pick one, I think it might have taken me a little longer to get a handle on Zan, compared to the rest of my characters. The fact that he’s a famous musician took me out of my comfort zone, but that’s a good thing. I ended up loving who he became.

Me: Where do you find most of your inspiration?
AL: To some extent, I draw from the years I lived in San Francisco. The city, the friends I made and the experiences I had while living there really influence my writing. In addition, my characters themselves inspire me. Right now, Chance is demanding my attention! The next book in the series is his, and I already started on it, even though I had every intention of taking a week off before jumping in. I can’t help it though, I need to tell his story!

Me: What advice would you give to your younger self?
AL: Believe in yourself! There will always be people who are more than happy to tell you what you can’t do. Don’t be one of those people, and don’t let the nay-sayers define you!

Me: Tell us 3 things about the last book you wrote.
AL: Okay, here we go! Thing One: Belonging is my first May/December romance. Gianni is thirty, Zan is forty-eight. I wondered if it was going to be difficult to write a relationship between two characters with a significant age gap, but what I already knew to be true applied here as well: love is love. I realized something else, too. Zan is my age, and I really don’t feel or act any differently now than when I was thirty. Age really is just a number, and it wasn’t an obstacle for this couple.
Thing Two: This is the first book in the series told from the perspective of a Dombruso. Gianni lives with Nana and is very close to his brothers, Dante, Vincent and Mikey. I loved being able to take my readers inside the family.
Thing Three: While Nana is up to a lot of crazy antics in Belonging, I got to show another side of her as well. Nana loves her family more than anything, and she raised her grandsons from the time Gianni was four years old. There’s a quiet little scene where they’re baking together in the middle of the night, and she’s offering him some advice. It felt good to go there and show the more human side of Nana, the woman behind the wackiness. That scene was a long time coming!

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions, Alexa!


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9 thoughts on “MALE MONDAY interviews ALEXA LAND with BELONGING #GIVEAWAY

  1. Alexa’s books have been on my TBR for a while. I just didn’t know she had so many, I need to get reading. Thank you for the interview and giveaway chance.


  2. I must admit that I just recently discovered Alexa Land…and,wow,what I’ve been missing.
    Anyway…all the covers are great,but the last one is definitely the most delicious. I mean,look at those eyes 🙂
    Congrats on your newest addition to a great series…


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