Already we’ve reached April . . .Phew! This is a huge month for me personally, with family birthdays, wedding anniversaries, school holidays and Easter!

But what about March? I only read 16 books, but that is mainly because I have been waiting for an optician’s appointment and glasses.

I have also written my first 3 reviews for GGR Review and was really excited to see them published on the site. I am now also writing for Divine Magazine and submit my first review to them next week! Although I love my blog and followers, it is really fun to be involved with other sites and have access to books I may not ordinarily read, particularly those in the M/M genre.

I am still having a great time interviewing authors for my Male Monday blog feature and have some great posts scheduled for April. In March, I featured Iyana Jenna, Kevin Klehr, Sarah Madison and Ashley John.

Back to books! In March I totally fell in love with Bittersweet by Kimberly Loth. This is a departure from her Thorn Chronicles series, but still has that strong female character. Tissues are required! My review for this will follow soon.


My one other 5 star read in March was Moment of Truth by Karen Stivali, continuing the romance between Collin and Tanner. I am lucky enough to already have an ARC of the final installment of the trilogy, Moment of Clarity, released in May. My review for Moment of Truth can be found HERE.


My 4 star reads have been a varied bunch, from my first Middle-Grade story to a steampunk cyber-fantasy!

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I only rated one book with 3 stars and that was:


But disappointingly I read two 2 star books and one which I did not finish (which were all from Netgalley)

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I have a huge pile of books to read in April, but I am really looking forward to reading Moment of Clarity and The Summer Remains by Seth King, which has some amazing reviews!

Moment of Clarity hires 24443726

Thank you again for all your support in March, whether you are new or old followers. Please keep commenting 🙂

HUGS xxx




It makes my day to see all your comments :-) Thanks xx

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