Autism Awareness Graphic

This feature is organised by author R J Scott. Please read her post about living with Autism and enter her giveaway HERE.

AUTISM FACT: People with autism have difficulty understanding and predicting other people’s intentions and behaviour, and imagining situations that are outside their own routine. This can mean they carry out a narrow, repetitive range of activities. A lack of social imagination should not be confused with lack of imagination. Many people with autism are very creative.                

As some of you may be aware, my 12 year old son has Autism and life can be challenging for us as a family. Jake has communication and socialisation difficulties. Though he is at a SEN school, he is still bullied and his peers call him “weird”. Now, we have puberty thrown into the mix and Jake struggles with the appropriateness of his language and behaviour. Though we question ourselves as parents, our son is so much more than “autistic”; he is intelligent, funny and loving . . . and he knows more about Batman than Bruce Wayne 🙂

Thank you for supporting today’s event.




  1. Thank you for your post it’s so sad that your son gets bullied, I think if Autism was spoken about more and explained more people would understand why someone with Autism is different but special in their own way.


    1. I really hope there can be more education about Autism too. I often feel that the ‘invisible’ disabilities are ignored, but can be just as life changing x


  2. Thank you for sharing your story with us about your son and for the fact. I’m sorry to hear about the bullying but getting support from family and friends help a lot.


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