Title: Unresisting
Author: Shane Morgan
Series: Unresisting Trilogy #1
Release Date: November 28th 2014
Age Group: Young Adult
Genre: Paranormal Romance


Seventeen-year-old Natasha Johnson is having a rough year. Her twin brother, Sean, died last spring after a car crash, and her parents have decided to pack up and leave the only home she’d ever known. It’s been a lot to take in, and Nat has decidedly given up on the world… until moving to Stetson Valley and meeting high school outcast: Chace Owens.
Chace’s dark and mysterious aura is not exactly seen as ‘normal’, but Nat already knows that not a lot of things are of the norm when it comes to her life. She soon finds herself unable to escape Chace’s strange pull on her heart, unleashing a sudden attraction to the unnatural forces that have always been burning within her. But uncovering her true self brings forth great danger, as Nat learns that her brother’s death had a lot more to do with the side she’s now unable to resist.
Can Natasha calm the blazing flames and withstand the threat of danger, or will this new found power destroy her?

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I have read 3 other books by Shane Morgan which have been Young and New Adult Contemporary Romances. For me, Unresisting is a step outside my ‘Shane Morgan’ comfort zone and I was also reminded that, in fact, it was her debut novel.
Unresisting is a baptism of fire . . literally! In the first chapter, Nat watches flames explode from her palms as her twin brother, Sean, disappears into a pile of ash. The loss of Sean has a profound effect on Nat, especially when she realises that no-one will believe her story. It is not until her family’s move to Stetson Valley that the puzzle of her life begins to fit together.
Love triangles are possibly one of my least favourite elements of any romance, but Nat sits right at the centre of one here. On one side is the persistent Jesse and the other is the “weird” Chace. Both young men seem immediately drawn to Nat, but it is Chace whom she chooses, perhaps because he seems to hold answers to so many of her questions,

” My mom always told me you’d somehow come to me one day, that we’re supposed to be together. She said that there’s always someone born just for us. And as long as we were together, then I’d survive. Nat, you’re going to decide whether or not I live past my eighteenth birthday next year.”

Although the relationship between Nat and Chace is an important part of Unresisting, Shane Morgan does not allow it to overwhelm more essential parts of the story, like the existence of a parallel world in which fire starters and light bearers are born. It is this concept which ties Jesse, Chance and Nat together tighter and places our main female character in a danger she would never have imagined possible.
In Unresisting, Nat grows in strength as we watch her gain control over her powers – and making humorous mistakes! Shane Morgan maintains a three-way balance between the story’s fantasy, it’s romance and suspense. I think the author allows us to connect with her characters, in particular Nat, because certain plot details are revealed to us all at the same time.
Unresisting ends with an explosive cliffhanger and if I wasn’t convinced I needed to grab a copy of Unfearing before Nat’s final two words, I certainly was after them! I am really excited to recommend Shane Morgan’s Paranormal Romance to other readers!



2 thoughts on “#Review: UNRESISTING by SHANE MORGAN

  1. Wow! Lovely review! I’m speechless. Thank you so much for supporting my books and taking the time to read them. It means a lot when readers enjoy Unresisting in particular because this is my first baby 🙂 Don’t worry Unfearing is coming this summer and Unending shortly after. I’m determined on finishing this trilogy because many people need answers, including Natasha lol


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