Title: Asha’s Kisses
Author: RaShelle Workman
Series: Ever After #1
Release Date: February 14th 2015
Age Group: Young Adult
Genre: Fractured Fairy Tale

Genre: Reinvented Fairy Tale
Volume One in this new Ever After series that retells the story of Sleeping Beauty and takes place in the BLOOD AND SNOW world.
“By day’s end on her eighteenth birthday, she will be stabbed through the heart… and die!” ~ Mizrabel
Seventeen-year-old Asha has always preferred to stay out of the spotlight, but during a rehearsal for her high school’s rendition of Romeo and Juliet she realizes that starring in the right kind of role might be better than she thought.
Series Summary:
Cursed as a baby by a malevolent sorceress, Asha is left without the protection of her fairy magic. Her parents, fearing for their daughter’s safety, enlist the help of their three most trusted guards—who whisk Asha into the human world under a blanket of magic.
For nearly eighteen years Asha has lived as a normal human, doted on by her three aunts.
Without magic.
Without her parents.
And, without the knowledge of her curse.
But that’s about to change.
One night, a few weeks before graduation, Asha decides to disobey her aunts’ rules and go to a party. When she arrives, there’s a bonfire, lots of beer, and a mysterious guy named Paxton. No one seems to know who he is. Asha can’t stop staring at him. He’s everything her aunts have told her to stay away from.
When Paxton saves her from the overzealous actions of a drunken classmate, their lives become inexplicably intertwined. His touch rouses more than her desire for him. It awakens her long-hidden magic.

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Without prior knowledge that Asha’s Kisses is a retelling of Sleeping Beauty, RaShelle Workman does leave a small breadcrumb trail for her reader. This includes the fact that Asha lives with her Aunts, one of which is called Fae; she always wears pink (anyone who has seen the Disney version of the fairy tale will know the “make it pink”, “no, make it blue scene”!); one of her best friends is called Merida (the main character from the Disney film, Brave) and it is Asha’s relationship with Lawson which is the beginning of her troubles.
Although Asha initially seems like a love-struck young woman, RaShelle Workman reveals her to be so much more, especially when she confronts Lawson because he ignores her when he is around his friends. Despite the fact she is now making herself vulnerable to bullies, Asha is not prepared to hide their relationship.  Asha steps into the role of Juliet, both in becoming Lawson’s girlfriend and helping him practice the play. Kelly is therefore spurned and unknowingly accepts the part of Maleficent, planning her revenge.
RaShelle Workman acknowledges that Asha’s Kisses takes place within the world of Blood and Snow, the series which was inspired by Snow White. However in this first part of Asha’s story we do not meet any familiar characters. This means that the story could easily be picked up by a reader who is new to RaShelle Workman’s books, and still be enjoyed. Asha’s Kisses is short, but a fantastic beginning to what I know will be a magical series by the author.
Asha’s Kisses is short, but a fantastic beginning to what I know will be a magical series by the author.





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