A very personal non-fiction #review




Title: The Autism Parents’ Guide to Reclaiming Your Life
Author: Deanna Picon
Release Date: June 19th 2014
Age Group: Adult
Genre: Non-Fiction/Self-Help


FINALLY – A BOOK THAT IS ALL ABOUT YOU For the first time, an autism expert offers information and support designed specifically for the PARENTS of children with autism. The mother of a non-verbal, autistic son, autism coach Deanna Picon has created this unique book to help you: Reclaim your life and take control again Understand autism’s impact on you, your family and your world Meet the challenges of parenting a child with autism Build the best life possible for you and your family You don’t have to let autism define you or defeat you. This book will help give you the power to fight back against autism … and WIN! Whether you’ve just been handed the diagnosis, or you’ve been dealing with the autism challenge for years, you will find help in these pages. Whether you are determined, scared, or simply feeling a bit numb and overwhelmed, you will see that there is hope. And whether you are a family member, friend or professional, you will learn how to understand and support the parents of special needs children. Nobody ever gets the life they expected. But, with a little assistance and a positive and realistic outlook, we can make the best of the life we have been given. You and your family can have a good life – as good as any other family. I want to show you how, so let’s get started!

Deanna Picon Founder, Your Autism Coach LLC


“Love your child, hate the diagnosis and learn how to tell the difference.”

As parents, who have had the words ‘Your child has Autism’ twice, my husband and I often struggle. The first time was when our eldest son was 7 and followed much debate between health and educational professionals. Six months later they retracted their diagnosis but now he is 12, they have put it back into place. Although it is a cliche, our life is like a rollercoaster, with great days and bad ones.
Deanna Picon reaches out to all parents of an Autistic child, whether they are mothers, fathers, black, white, heterosexual or homosexual. In the fight against the neurological condition which has such an impact on our children, we are all the same.
Deanna Picon’s is a voice we trust because we know she has been where we are, having raised an Autistic son who is now 18. Her writing is thoughtful and effective, but she keeps her points simple. She recognises that there is a journey towards full acceptance of the diagnosis, that we are all at different stages and that, after a bad day, it is easy to slip backwards, rather than moving forwards.
Ordinarily my husband and I are humble individuals, but when Deanna Picon calls parents of children with Autism ‘heroes’ we feel more confident in our roles and believe we can claim that title.
The book is written with a humour we can all relate to, used to address important issues which I know I struggle with; making ‘me’ time, prioritising time for your relationship and how to spend quality time with your other children.
We now believe that it is possible to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and start back on our journey to reclaiming our lives and I know that this book will be helpful during dark times, for years to come.




2 thoughts on “A very personal non-fiction #review

  1. What a beautiful review! Thank you for sharing a part of yourself with us.

    Autism is something that interests me due to it sometimes being linked with gluten and caseine sensitivities, which is a problem in our family (along with food allergies).

    Blessings to you and your family!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for your comment, Rita . .at the moment Autism is also being linked to bacon. Think the health professionals are desperate to find a reason why it exists.
      Your kind thoughts are appreciated xx


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