Blog Tour with Review and Giveaway: FAVORITE SON by WILL FRESHWATER

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Title:  Favorite Son
Author:  Will Freshwater
Release Date: June 23rd 2014
Age Group: Adult
Genre: Gay Romance

favorite son


Born into a blue-collar family, John Wells beat the odds and came out a winner. As chief of staff to Patrick Donovan, a US senator and aspiring presidential candidate, he enjoys all the power and privilege of a DC insider. But while riding high on a wave of success, he’s blindsided by a series of betrayals from the people he trusts the most. In the space of a single day, John’s perfect life unexpectedly unravels when his career falters and his marriage implodes. Following a final, devastating blow, John assumes a new identity as “Peter” and flees to Provincetown, where a tight-knit community of eclectic characters slowly transforms him.
Peter finds himself drawn to Danny Cavanaugh, an enigmatic carpenter who is struggling to come to terms with his own troubled past. As they work together to renovate a local landmark, the two men forge an unlikely friendship that blossoms into love and becomes the foundation for a new life they hope to build together. But when a reversal of fortune pulls John back to DC, the treacherous world of politics he thought he’d left behind threatens to destroy his chance at true happiness.

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Favorite Son is not just a story about politics. Will Freshwater strips away the whole persona of his main character, until he has adopted a new identity entirely. This book addresses some complex issues and Will Freshwater tells the story of a tentatively emerging gay romance. The relationship between Danny and Peter is totally absorbing and the fact that Will Freshwater is able to create such emotion without the use of explicit sex scenes is a testament to his story-telling ability.
The man we meet at the beginning of the novel is incomplete; the only surviving twin. John works in politics and when he is asked to step down from his position because of his sexuality, his outlook changes. This betrayal, along with relationship problems and the death of his best friend, sees him arrive in Provincetown, assuming the role of Peter.
We watch as Peter leaves John, and the ruthless world of politics synonymous with his old ‘self’ behind. Instead of being permanently attached to his mobile, he learns to live for himself, enjoying Provincetown and its inhabitants.
Peter’s journey is not without its obstacles though, but he accepts help in the form of therapy and finds contentment in helping Danny restore the chapel.
Will Freshwater’s characters are fresh and vibrant and we escape to the tranquil scenery of Provincetown with Peter.
Favorite Son is a diversion from the stories I usually read, but Will Freshwater’s debut is an impressive one which I know many readers will enjoy.


Watch Will Freshwater read passages from Favorite Son HERE

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About the Author

Will Freshwater
Will Freshwater was born and raised in a small steel town outside Pittsburgh. He graduated, cum laude, from Boston College and was awarded a Juris Doctorate from the
University of Pittsburgh School of Law. Will has lived and worked in Boston,  Philadelphia, Washington, DC, and Tampa. Although he has spent the better part of the last twenty years working as a successful corporate attorney, Will can happily confirm that his true vocation is writing. He currently resides in Morristown, New Jersey with his husband, Stephen, and their golden retriever, Rory. Favorite Son is Will’s debut novel, and he is hard at work on his second novel.

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