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Title: Captive
Author: Leigh Talbert Moore
Series: Behind the Stars #1
Release Date: November 9th 2014
Age Group: Young Adult
Genre: Fantasy


Prentiss Puckett is certain of three things:
-Graduation is two weeks away.
-Summer only gets hotter in south Mississippi.
-She’s getting a job with air-conditioning.

She did not expect to be kidnapped walking to work.
And she never expected to become a hero.
Red Dawn meets L O S T in this new action-adventure romance from Amazon bestselling author Leigh Talbert Moore.

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Leigh Talbert Moore’s Behind the Stars series is described as “Red Dawn meets Lost” and despite the short length of Captive the author manages to intrigue, excites and absorb her reader.
Captive begins with a sense of hope; Prentiss is in love and on her way to her last day working as a veterinary assistant. We certainly do not expect her to be kidnapped, drugged and awaken in a labour camp.
Prentiss recognises many of her fellow prisoners from her hometown of Dabb Creek, including her brother Braxton, but this does not comfort her. She is unsure where they are and why.
Prentiss’ story alternates between flashbacks, which upset her but keep her fighting and her recount of daily life working on the farm.
Leigh Talbert Moore ensures that Prentiss’ fear becomes tangible to the reader and we understand her confusion at the behaviour of her friends and the conversations amongst her captors.
As Captive ends we see more of Prentiss’ bravery, even as she discovers that long boxes, shaped like coffins, are being buried on the grounds of the camp.

As I finish this review, Learning to Spy is open on my Kindle.



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Title: Learning To Spy
Author: Leigh Talbert Moore
Series: Behind the Stars #2
Release Date: November 9th 2014
Age Group: Young Adult
Genre: Fantasy

Red Dawn meets LOST in this action-adventure/paranormal romance.
Alone in her mission, Prentiss has to figure out a new approach if she plans to escape the prison camp alive. She does not expect to find an ally among her captors.
Strategies change and secrets are revealed in “Learning to Spy.”

Learning To Spy is Volume 2 in the Behind the Stars serial and immediately we are dragged into one of Prentiss’ flashbacks. Finding relief in her life pre-camp has quickly become a coping mechanism for Prentiss and whilst it helps the reader understand more about her character, it also provides a relief from the confusion about her current situation.
Prentiss is still intent on escaping, despite Braxton’s discovery that,
‘ ” The guard said once they discover you’re gone, they press a button and send a current through your nervous system. You drop, and in that instant, your brains fry like an egg inside your skull.” ‘
Prentiss realises that her only way out might be to befriend their captors and when she is given a permanent position in the dairy this goal looks possible. Not only does this ‘job’ gain her Cato’s trust, but it gives her an opportunity to find out more about the mysterious Gallatin, who she has overheard expressing his dislike for the camp.
In Learning to Spy few questions are answered about the reason why these labour camps exist and the identity of the strangers. Leigh Talbert Moore briefly introduces unusual phrases which peak our curiosity and the increased violence means we fear more for the prisoners.
Learning to Spy concludes with a cliffhanger leading us nicely into Harvest Moon, which at the time of writing this review is unavailable . . . .DARN!




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