MIA for Christmas

Hello everyone *waves* 🙂

Hope you’ve all had a great Christmas and have plans to celebrate New Year. I’m sorry for my lack of blog posts, but one member of my little family has had bronchitis, another an ear infection and then of course we’ve had the usual Christmas madness!!

I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone an AWESOME 2015 and just say thanks for following me 🙂 . . .my move from Blogger is still something I wonder about, did I do the right thing? Let’s hope I can carry on giving you quality reviews, book news and lots of chat. My main resolution (again!) is to be more social so pop by Goodreads, Tsu, Twitter, Facebook or Google + to say hi to me ❤



4 thoughts on “MIA for Christmas

  1. Hope your family are all back to good health 🙂 how are you finding tsu? My January resolution is actually to be less social ha ha!!! Felt I needed a mini break.


    1. We are all well again thanks Emma, hope you are too. I really enjoy Tsu, it’s like Facebook without the angst 🙂 are you on there?? My ‘social’ resolution isn’t going great, but I’m trying LOL!
      Thanks for visiting xx


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