Title: Breaking Angelina
Author: Rita and TJ Webb
Series: Paranormal Investigations #1.5
Release Date: November 2013
Age Group: New Adult
Genre: Paranormal


She’s the Beauty. Can the Beast break her curse before the monsters break her?
I’ve never told anyone my darkest secret.
Something evil whispers in my mind. It threatens to destroy everything I care about, and now it wants me to kidnap and murder a mythical creature. Refusal means excruciating pain or sleepwalking into oncoming traffic … again.
I don’t dare refuse, even if I have to steal from my friends, sell my body, or ruin my college career. Anything to stop the feeling of its claws scraping the insides of my skull.
That’s when I hired the Hunter, a wolf-man from a magical world, to help me. A tracker for hire, an honorable man who has misplaced his honor, a twisted soul with no heart left to care.
But he has secrets of his own, and I don’t think anyone can save me from the trouble I’m in.
What will it take for two broken people to find hope?

a New Adult dark paranormal romance
For ages 18+ due to violence, language, and some sexuality.

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Breaking Angelina is considered a companion novel and merely a #1.5 in the Paranormal Investigations series. Yet in my opinion with this book Rita and TJ Webb have surpassed Playing hooky.
In Breaking Angelina we meet Hunter again, a Chimera who is still grieving for his wife and children, whom he found brutally murdered. Hunter is paid to locate objects and people and his latest job connects him to the circus we visited in the original novella.
Angelina is Emma’s younger sister whose mental state we see slowly deteriorating, thanks to the voices which have started to control her, forcing her to discover the paranormal world and Hunter.
The writing styles of Rita and TJ Webb blend seamlessly together, with each creating the narrative of their respective gender. This allows Angelina and Hunter develops characteristics beyond those we saw in Playing hooky. They both have time to emerge as having their own desires and needs and we understand that their motives are engineered by a higher force.
We empathise with Angelina’s fight against the demons who are gaining an increasing control over her, but the authors arm us with the knowledge that Hunter can be the one to save her.
Although a romance is not the main consideration here, it is exciting to think how this can be developed!
However, Breaking Angelina is not only Hunter and Angelina’s story; further secrets are revealed about Jason in particular, promising that Taking Chances will be an eventful read!
This is a captivating paranormal read with a male character who wants the top spot on any book-boyfriend list



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