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Title: Paranormal Keepers
Author: Jen Naumann
Series: Paranormal Keepers #1
Release Date: March 11th 2014
Age Group: Young Adult
Genre: Paranormal/Fantasy



Everyone thinks Harper Young killed her boyfriend. No one will say it to her face, but the signs are everywhere.
It’s almost been a year since Gavin was torn from Harper’s arms and brutally murdered. The police wrote it off as a freak accident, deciding Harper’s strange testimony was given under duress. But she knows something unnatural was involved and refuses to stop looking until she finds his killer, even if it means her reputation as a senior is ruined. Even if it means there really are monsters living among us.
With the discovery of the mothmen, witches, vampires and all the creatures she always suspected were out there, Harper finds herself amidst a complex bundle of unseen heroes who call themselves “Keepers”, sworn to keep the secret of the paranormal creatures that walk this earth. As she tries to understand what’s so special about her that she’s able to break an old Keeper law, Harper has a baffling vision of kissing a mysterious guy before a blade is brought down on him. Before she can get a handle on her future, she becomes central to a battle between the questionable “heroes” and the evil she’s been training to fight, leaving her to wonder if there’s any way to change the fate that has been foretold before it’s too late.

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Paranormal Keepers is not an entirely original story . . .but Jen Naumann’s writing is fast, exciting and completely addictive!
The story’s main characters, Harper, tells her story retrospectively as we discover that nearly a year has passed since the death of her boyfriend. Harper has been ostracised by her friends who believe that she killed him, although she is certain a paranormal entity was involved.
These events occur following the night Harper is included in a group using an Ouija board, when she inadvertently connects with something Otherwordly. She becomes obsessed with the paranormal, even seeing dark shapes and witnessing Gavin’s gruesome death.
After another strange murder Harper finds herself magically transported to Guardare Academy where ‘Keepers’ are trained to preserve the secret of the Paranormal, fighting rogue creatures when necessary.
To me Guardare is a mixture between Hogwarts and St Vladimir’s;
“We pass through tall, intricate iron gates, and I get my first look at the entire academy. Perched on a slight hill, the dark green roofed chain of buildings runs alongside a river that continues on to a village below, surrounded by thick pine trees. There’s much more to the academy that what Sofia showed me. It takes up what must be dozens of acres of land. Made of stone that fits in naturally with its surroundings, it looks to be at least three stories high, towering above us.”
Harper is the first non-Keeper related human to enter Guardare and though there are those who are resentful of her presence, she readily accepts her new existence. She is helped by Sofia, a half-fairy, and Dexter who is fully committed to Guardare and the Keepers.
Despite the fact that he is the bad-boy I reply liked Leo and was hoping that the chemistry between him and Harper would develop into something more!
Harper’s adventure becomes a fight between good and evil as she uncovers secrets about her own life and she learns that not everyone can be trusted.
Although I felt that the story becomes slightly scrappy towards the end I love Jen Naumann’s detailed descriptions and the way she is able to balance action and romance with the tense mystery of the plot.



About the Author


Jen Naumann grew up in southern Minnesota as an addict of such flicks as Indiana Jones and The Goonies until she discovered John Hughes, and spent her high school days locked away writing love stories with a sci-fi twist. Married to a farmer in southern Minnesota, she tries to follow the madness of her four active children while balancing an imagination that never shuts down. As the author of CHEATING DEATH, SHYMERS, AND PARANORMAL KEEPERS, she writes stories with strong female leads who have a good sense of humor and tend to fall in love despite their better judgment.


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