Title: Death Wind
Author: M Jet
Release Date: May 5th 2013
Age Group: Adult
Genre: Paranormal/Thriller

Victoria Gallucci leads a simple, quiet life as a stay at home mom to her children Branson and Rue and home maker for her husband Abel. The only dark spot in their world came with trouble from Abel’s atrocious ex wife, Lorali. But even that did not diminish their family bliss. Lorali’s untimely death put to rest any more drama from Abel’s past. Or so they thought. Ex wives can be a drag, to be sure but how does a woman combat the ex who causes problems even from beyond the grave? Death Wind is M Jet’s short story depicting a chilling account of people haunted instead of a place. A family in the path of the devil. Pick up this read for the thrill of the chill, and get a taste of M Jet’s brand of ice cold terror.

Genre: review copy,ghosts,paranormal,family-drama,novella

I do not read novellas often, finding that once I become connected to the characters and events, the end arrives. Despite the length of Death Wind I saw the synopsis and immediately wanted to read the story.
Death Wind begins with no ambiguity about characters, their relationships or histories as M Jet is able to cleverly accommodate these elements into the first several pages of her book. Although months pass in a paragraph, this is necessary for the progression of the plot, as M Jet develops the suspense.
M Jet uses the horror film classic strategy of the paranormal entity manipulating children, in this case it is Victoria’s son and daughter, Branson and Rue. As the messages the children communicate become more poignant and the situations they are put in appear to be more dangerous, the tension is intensified.
With the reader on the edge of their seat M Jet delivers her unanticipated climax, bringing an end to this stunning novella.
Death Wind is definitely one to buy and I look forward to reading more by the author.


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