Author Name: Julia Sherman
Genre:Women’s Fiction
YA/New Adult/Adult: Adult
Release date: 9/12/2012
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About the Author: 

Julia was born in Minsk, Belarus. At the age of eleven, she immigrated with her family to the United States. She currently lives in Chicago, IL with her husband and their daughter, Arielle.

She graduated from DePaul University in 2002 with a B.A. in Accounting and Finance. She also has an MBA from DePaul University in Entrepreneurship.

She studied Creative Writing with Jerry Cleaver at the Writer’s Loft, and with Susan Breen at NYC Pitch and Shop, among many others. Additionally, Julia was one of the staff writers for the Chicago Holocaust Project, “Evidence of Holocaust: Never Forget.”

Book Description:
Elizabeth Shulman, a twenty-seven-year-old Russian Jewish immigrant, would like nothing better than not to die a corporate accountant working at a Fortune 100 company. She wants to walk away from the corporate rat-race, but…she’s still holding onto the painful memories from her poor past—from the days her family came to America with nothing so that their children could have a free life.
But soon one day’s event turns Elizabeth’s world upside down and inside out. With her bubble burst, Elizabeth decides to take the first step, quit her job. However, her bullying boss from HELL offers her a promotion and a big raise. But there’s a hitch. She must also agree to do pro bono work to bolster the company’s image. Her pro bono assignment: tutor unprivileged kids in a Southwest Chicago elementary school. And there, in school, her life begins to change when she gets a peek at a different type of world from her own.
Heart’s Storm is a bitter-sweet romantic comedy about love and career, family and friends, immigration and hardships, betrayal and forgiveness, and the promise of the American dream.


Genre: Romance, family drama, NA
Rating: 3 wings

‘Heart’s Storm’ is essentially a story about a woman finding independence – from her family, her relationship and her job.
The story’s main protagonist is Elizabeth, a Russian Jewish woman from an immigrant family who has lived in America since she was 11. She has a stable job and is about to be married, except Elizabeth is about to find her bubble blown apart. I admit that I found our main character one of the most selfish people I had come across in recent fiction and there were times I found myself shouting at my Kindle!! I then wondered if this was a move by Julia Sherman in order that the reader could see Elizabeth’s metamorphosis more clearly.
‘Heart’s Storm’ tells the story of Elizabeth’s romance and heartbreak. Julia Sherman is able to direct the reader’s empathy towards Elizabeth during her grief and I think it was here that I felt my connection with her at its strongest.
The books humorous and probably best moments are definitely brought by Elizabeth’s family. They are probably based on a stereotyped version of a Russian Jewish immigrant family (the author’s own????) – with grandma and grandpa living nearby, they choose not to mix with the local community unless they are of the same ethnic background, they only want their children to marry from other Russian Jewish families and they drink vodka with every meal!!!
However, there was also something so good and touching about Elizabeth’s parents, in the way in which they want her to have all the opportunities they never had. I loved the way in which they would let themselves into her apartment and sit there in the dark until she came home!
In my opinion, although ‘Heart’s Storm’ has flaws I recommend staying with it as it also has rewards :-).

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