It’s been over 200 years since Humans drove the affected into hiding. Now out of nowhere, people are dying on both sides. When one of the few female specially trained fighters; also known as an Ultorum, is added to the body count, Angelina is forced to make a decision. Now she must betray everything she knows, including her best friend Michael, and follow the one creature she doesn’t trust.

Ethan watches this young Ultorum with leery eyes. He is deeply impressed with her abilities, and even more so with her determination. It’s just to bad she smells so good.

Together they set out to find the one responsible for all the killings, but what they find, they are not going to like.


Genre: paranormal. couldn’t put down,  vampires,  pararomance
Rating: 4 stars

When I read a book like ‘Tormented’ I realise that I may indeed be a little fickle with my affections – here I not blame myself but Jessica Ann for creating such a . . . . yummy (are reviewers allowed to use that word??!!!) male vampire!! Forget Edward, Damon and Eric . . .I want to be bitten by Ethan!
‘Tormented’ wasn’t all swoon-worthiness though and I struggled with the female protagonist Angelina. The story begins with her using her Ultorum skills against Vampires but receiving a reprimand from her father, and Chief of Unit, for not receiving back-up. Although Angelina is excellent at her job she likes to break the rules and inadvertently this is how she ends up involved with Ethan.
Angelina also has a friendship with the top male Ultorum Michael, however I found him untrustworthy and sneaky. This was part of the reason I didn’t like Angelina – for a character who was supposed to be so strong, independent and feisty her indecision over her feelings for him were a complete contrast.
‘Tormented’ is a gripping read – it has elements of the paranormal, romance, along with mystery and tension. J. Ann writes with fluidity meaning the pages roll by, yet her characters have humour and emotion. Yes read this book but hands off Ethan!!!!!


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