Cassandra is trying to figure out if she was actually bitten by a vampire and whisked away to his castle or if it was it a very vivid dream, one which has left her to contemplate her own sanity. 

Unknowingly, she is the only mortal to resist the vampire’s bite and capture the heart of the most powerful vampire that ever existed; the one who began the entire race of the undead, Quentin Castle. 

For ions Quentin has felt nothing but the lust for blood. But Cassandra has awakened something in him that he had forsaken a millennium ago; he is determined to win this beautiful woman by mortal means rather than by the vampire’s bite. But will he be able to suppress his natural instinct? Will he be able to prove to the skeptical Cassandra that he is a vampire and not an imposter, a wannabe? What hideous thing will he do to prove that he is a vampire, prove that he isn’t using some kind of parlor trick, some Houdini magic, and that he is the real thing? 

As evidence mounts on Quentin’s behalf and she can no longer deny her encounter was real and not a dream, will Cassandra be able to resist his evil charm and convince her boyfriend, police officer Mike Lapp and best friend Lucy that vampires really do exist and she’s being stalked by one? 

To expedite their liaison, Quentin devises a scheme to blackmail Cassandra by setting up her boyfriend for a murder he didn’t commit. Cassandra must surrender herself to Quentin for her boyfriend’s sake and wait for Mike to scale the walls of the vampire’s castle and rescue her. But when her boyfriend arrives, she’s in for the shock of her life. People are not always what they seem to be.


Genre: vampires, pararomance
Rating: 3 stars

OMG! I turned my Kindle off after reading ‘The Undeparted’ and I think I still had my mouth open! What a climax!!
This book took a new approach to the vampire romance genre which I enjoyed but I am afraid if I was Quentin I would have drained Cassie’s blood a long time ago!!! I am not sure if my attitude towards her is because of the way she is written (she is whiny and annoying and the kind of person who reminds me of the sound of fingernails on a blackboard!!) or more because of my prejudice against female protagonists in vampire books (Elena, Bella, Zoey, Sookie . . . . .)
I do love the way in which Deborah Palumbo builds the tension and mystery of the plot into what I thought was the most amazing and shocking climax!!!
I think the way in which Quentin challenges vampire references by saying he knew Bram Stoker is both clever and humorous. Deborah Palumbo is obviously referencing a paranormal author yet updating with ideas of her own!
Although this is not a generic vampire romance story I would recommend it as it has a great plot and strong paranormal elements, as well as lots of tension 🙂

It makes my day to see all your comments :-) Thanks xx

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