Genre: YA, Romance
Rating: 4 stars

Brenna has a problem – she is in love with two boys – both are hot – and they both like her – but one guy really hates the other.
This is how Brenna’s story starts on her return to New Jersey, after a year in Denmark. On her first day back to school she meets Saxon and then Jake – she immediately has a connection with them both which steadily grows but how to decide between them? Brenna is an excellent student, a good daughter to her overprotective mother and at times a little naive. This is the only thing, throughout the books, that reminded me she was 16/17 as I felt that Liz Reinhardt would place Brenna in situations more suitable for an older girl. I felt if Brenna was 18 it may have been better but understand that because of the character of Brenna’s mother it may have been inappropriate.
I particularly enjoyed the first two instalments of the Brenna Blixen bundle and found that theses were easy to read in one sitting. However I had more of an issue with the last part of the trilogy. I am not sure if this was because the narration was split between Brenna, Saxon and Jake so it did not flow so easily but I also felt that Liz Reinhardt tried to incorporate too much – especially amazing new characters like Evan and Aunt Helene – and I felt that each narrative was cut short and time jumped.
These stories are wonderful escapist reading – but they have emotion; strong characters which a reader will find themselves attached to (Team Saxon!), and a really good romance plot – with a few twists!
Definitely one to be added to a ‘TBR’ for Winter!

It makes my day to see all your comments :-) Thanks xx

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