Genre: family-drama, YA, romance
Rating: 3 stars

Unfortunately I do not feel that I experienced ‘A Part to Play’ to its full potential – whether it was an age barrier or because I couldn’t stop comparing it to ‘Beautiful Disaster’ by Jamie McGuire.
However I did feel that beyond the rather distorted view of teen romance that Jennifer L. Fry presented the rest of ‘A Part to Play’ was both complex in plot and deep in emotion. Having recently experienced the loss of my Nan I particularly appreciated the way in which Jennifer L. Fry dealt sensitively with the issue of grief.
Lucy’s story begins with her journey to ESPA, leaving her mum and dad following the death of her sister. Lucy is finding it very difficult as her Kate was her best friend, yet not is she dealing with her loss but her parents have also withdrawn and she feels as though she is not wanted anymore. Lucy finds it hard to concentrate and uses her Ipod for comfort (another common link we have!) until she hears the mysterious music at night which compels her to find its source.
I enjoyed the way in which Jennifer L. Fry takes Lucy on an emotional journey, not only romantically, but as an actress, but also with her friends and her parents.
I liked this book, although the ending was weak (and makes me wonder if a sequel is planned) and think it would appeal to fans of YA romance.


2 thoughts on “‘A PART TO PLAY’ by JENNIFER L. FRY Review

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