Recently named executive chef at one of Miami Beach’s hottest restaurants, Jaden Thorne is determined to make her culinary mark and fulfill her professional dreams. When Jaden is given highly coveted tickets to the ultra-exclusive Winemaker’s Dinner, she jumps at the opportunity to meet South Florida’s wealthiest and most influential food and wine enthusiasts.

Jaden’s eyes are drawn to the VIP section even before the appetizers appear, but she soon finds herself thinking less about networking and more about the intriguingly sexy stranger eying her from across the room. After dinner, what begins as a light-hearted flirtation unexpectedly catapults into a night of explosive passion. But when morning dawns, Jaden leaves her sleeping Mr. Oh So Sexy behind, sure they’ll never see each other again.

Dr. Ivan Rusilko, a handsome, young physician, boasts an extensive resume’ and a well-established position on Miami Beach’s social scene. But despite his success and glamour, he’s routinely had to suffer uninspiring dates and doomed relationships. With a romantic heart, Ivan’s not the love-‘em-and-leave-‘em type. But when he awakens to find that the girl in the red dress has done exactly that, he resolves to find her–only if it’s just to ask why she left without even a kiss goodbye. 

The Winemaker’s Dinner is a fictionalized erotic memoir inspired by the romantic triumphs and tragedies of Dr. Ivan Rusilko’s real life. Weaving fact with fantasy, authors Everly Drummond and Dr. Ivan Rusilko have gifted readers with a swoon-worthy flesh and blood romantic hero and the intoxicating bouquet only a heartfelt tale of passionate love can create.


“Next, always be sure your mint is fresh. You can determine its freshness by grinding one of the leaves between your fingers. By doing this, you will release the essential oils. The stronger the aroma, the fresher it is.” She held the crushed mint leaf to her nose and inhaled. “It’d say this is pretty—”
She stopped midsentence, and her knees felt weak. Beyond the scent of fresh mint, there was something else in the air now, something overpowering and very familiar—something her mind translated as hair-pulling, lip-biting, mind-blowing, earth-shattering moments lost in Ivan’s embrace. Her instructional banter came to a grinding halt, and she her eyes zeroed in on the dark figure near the far door of the studio. “No, it couldn’t be, could it?” Jaden whispered as she willed herself to not get her hopes up. Ivan had a medical conference in Washington, didn’t he? He might be amazing, but being in two places at once was impossible.
As Jaden squinted against the bright lights, her eyes slowly made sense of the tall figure taking shape in front of her: wavy brown hair that brushed the collar of his pressed shirt, a bouquet of her favorite wildflowers, a blue suit that hugged every muscle of his body, and that all-too-familiar smile. Ivan.
All thoughts of the show and the crew and the tuna vanished as she dropped the sprig of mint and rushed toward him. “Take five!” she yelled as she ran across the studio floor, arms outstretched. Ivan tossed the flowers aside and caught her in midair. Their bodies melded into each other’s as Jaden wrapped her legs around his waist, smiling against the soft contour of his lips. She grinned as she felt him cop a feel of her ass beneath the stiff kitchen whites, and they held each other tightly as their tongues dove deeper. This was no “Nice to see you” kiss. This was a passionate moment between two people desperately in love. Jaden trembled as she felt Ivan stiffen between her legs. She loved having this effect on him. She reciprocated by pressing herself into him and grinding. She could tell he needed this moment just as much as she did, and for a brief second there were no ogling cameramen, no hot spotlights beaming down on them, and no sexy-yet-annoying new co-host on the way. Just then there was only the two of them, and everything in the world seemed right and perfect.
Sensing that the others in the room likely didn’t share their enthusiasm, no matter how romantic the gesture was, Jaden released her iron grip. She slid down the length of Ivan’s body and gave him a long look, laced with love and lust, letting him know this little tryst was far from over.
“Great! That shot’s ruined,” a bearded man grumbled from behind the closest camera. “I don’t have anything else to do tonight.”
Though she felt badly, Jaden couldn’t help but smile as the cameraman took off his ratty L.A. Kings hat and tossed it into the air, throwing a mini temper tantrum.
“Sorry about that, baby girl,” Ivan whispered, squeezing her hand. He bent and picked up the bouquet of flowers. “I’ll put these in your dressing room while you finish up.”
“Yeah, I think that would be a smart idea,” another cameraman mumbled from behind them.

2 thoughts on “‘THE WINEMAKER’S DINNER’ Blog Tour . . .EXCERPT

  1. Thanks Kirsty for sharing the excerpt! I can't wait to read The Winemaker's Dinner! Love me some Ivan already please 😉

    All the best to Everly and Dr. Ivan on the release of The Winemaker's Dinner: Entrée!



  2. Thanks Kirsty for sharing the excerpt! I can't wait to read The Winemaker's Dinner! Love me some Ivan already please 😉

    All the best to Everly and Dr. Ivan on the release of The Winemaker's Dinner: Entrée!



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