Review of ‘Broken Aro’ and Interview with author Jen Wylie

Broken Aro
Book One of The Broken Ones
Genre: YA epic fantasy
WC:  70 640
ISBN-10: 0615703364

ISBN-13: 978-0615703367

Open your eyes to darkness. What do you see? Does the darkness frighten you? Now imagine the darkness being the cargo hold of a slave ship. Your city has fallen. Your family is most likely dead. You don’t know anyone around you, and some of them aren’t even human. Giving up would be so easy to do, but not for Arowyn Mason. Not after being raised in a military family with seven brothers. Every great story should begin with a plan. Aro’s was to escape and to survive.
Escape comes, but at a price. As they reach the shore, Aro and the other survivors learn that freedom doesn’t mean safety. The slavers want their property back and will do anything to get it. The party uses every ounce of their brute strength, a hearty helping of cunning, and even ancient magics to keep themselves alive. Sickness, danger, and even love surprise them at every turn. Dealing with danger becomes their way of life, but none of them ever considered that nothing can be quite as dangerous as a prophecy. Running turns into another race altogether as her world falls to pieces again and again.

Genre: Fantasy, fae, romance, couldn’t put down
Stars: 5 stars

I knew nothing about this book yet I was so wowed by it I read it in one sitting!
Jen Wylie had gifted me a copy in exchange for an honest review, yet I don’t always expect to like the book as much as I did ‘Broken Aro’!
Initially we are introduced to the Dragos, as he watches the two Fey with their baby on the beach, Damon speaks the prophecy, its importance to be released later, as is the name of the Fey baby, Kei.
Intertwining the stories we meet Arowyn (‘Aro’), who is one of eight siblings – there is her and seven brothers – and they have to escape their home town, which is being invaded. They cut her hair and dress her as a boy in army issue to aid their escape but she has to fight with her brothers on the way out of town. She wakes on board of a slave ship and after befriending a Fey and a Prince her adventures begin.
This story is complete with amazing characters – first there is Aro, who has strength and heart and the reader cannot help but love her – then there is the Prince who takes care of Aro but keeps so many secrets that does he do enough to earn the trust of the reader? An then we have Kei, who is prepared to do anything to save Aro’s life, although he can be dangerous when caught inside his Fury.
I loved Jen Wylie’s style of writing and the way in which ‘Broken Aro’ had an underlying tension beneath the romance. I am so excited about reading more of the author’s work and particularly more of this series!

1. What inspired you to write ‘Broken Aro’?
Stories pop into my head on a daily basis. Characters create themselves, a scene will form, and then others. I pick ones that stick with me and then start writing. I actually rarely start at book at the beginning and tend to write in circles a lot. Luckily the stories all stay in my head so it’s not hard for me to write and put scenes in where they should be.
For Broken Aro I really wanted to do an epic series with a strong female character. I love fey, elves, were, dragons and other such creatures so had to find a way to slip them in too. Unfortunately for my characters I’m not a ‘everything is always awesome’ type of writer. Bad things happen, the more that can ‘go wrong’ for my characters the better. Life isn’t always sunshine and rainbows.
2. Aro is a great character, is she based on anyone you know?

Aro has a little bit of me in her and the rest just who she is. I really wanted to make a strong female lead. She was a strong girl to begin with, and despite everything that happens to her, and falling apart at times, she still has that  strength. I hope readers can connect with the emotions she goes through during her struggles and relate to how her friends helped her to overcome the many hardships and losses she went through. People can’t be strong all the time, even if they want to be and I really wanted to show this in her character.

3. Friends are important to Aro – do you feel the same way?
Friends are very important to me and I have some very special ones who are very close to my heart :)
4. What is your next project?
I’m currently working on the next book in The Broken Ones series, Broken Prince. It continues the journey of Aro and her friends. I’m about 1/3 done and am hoping for a spring 2013 release!
5. What are you reading at the moment?
Mortal Obligation by Nichole Chase. Next on my list is Wool by Hugh Howey.
6. What 2 items would you take on a desert island?
I think this is the hardest question! A computer with internet connection and a magic bag which never runs out of chocolate and candy 😀

Thanks so much for having me stop by!!
Thank you to Jen Wylie for her time and for the news that she is writing the next instalment of ‘The Broken Ones’!!!! 🙂

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