Review of ‘Legend of the Elementals:Reintroduction’ Kyle Timmermeyer

Rating: 4 stars

Genre: couldn’t put down, YA, urban fantasy, paranormal

This totally reminded me of a cross between the films ‘Chronicle’ and ‘X-men’!!
However compared to the usual books I read this is an original approach the urban fantasy/paranormal genre and Kyle Timmermeyer’s plot is exciting with strong characters; ‘Reintroduction’ is not a long story and I finished it in one sitting but the plot had captivated me and I would have read regardless of the length!
In summary the book is about four teenagers who are tricked by Devidis, a powerful supernatural, who spells them into another dimension where they find themselves with new talents. Their world changes as they adapt, learn and ultimately try and escape to fight Devidis again.
Ryan, Jason, Kris and Erin begin the story as relatively naive teenagers and as the plot develops, so do they. Ryan is the lead character so the one the reader connects with most, as he learns from Sensei and comes to terms with his air element ability. Ryan does not question his new environment, instead helping his friends to reach their potential.
‘Reintroduction’ is the first of a series and it establishes the story perfectly – making readers want to reach for the sequel straight after the ending to find out if the four succeed in their quest.
This may be a Young Adult novel but I enjoyed the escapism, adventure and the lack of a love triangle lol!!!
I thank Kyle Timmermeyer for my copy in exchange for an honest review.


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