Review for ‘Drusilla Blood’ by Miriam Cooke

Rating: 3 stars

Genre: adult, paranormal, mystery

This book begins in 1911 with a group of four people entering into a seance – without knowing what they are undertaking they welcome in spirits which petrify them all.
The story then goes on, easily switching back and forth between Edith and Helios, who are still suffering the effects of the seance, and present day London the reader is introduced to Drusilla Blood.
Drue receives a mysterious book in the post, which seemingly connects her to the characters from the past, and opens her up to frightening paranormal events.
This story is a mystery, which can often be strange and a little confusing. However, Miriam Cooke uses her vast knowledge of history and archaeology to ensure that all expert details are correct.
The characters are numerous and very different, from the historical ones – like Edith, who volunteers for the Suffragette movement and wishes to be independent from her parents but needs a guardian because of her ‘turns’; and Helios, who wants to selfishly explore the world of the Occult.
In the present day there is Drusilla who has given up her job as an Archaeologist to work in a ‘new age’ shop. I think she would like to appear as strong but she is vulnerable and needs the support of her friends.
Frank is loud, extrovert and Drue’s boss; Jude is her love-interest but their relationship appears doomed from the beginning.
‘Drusilla Blood’ is a very good paranormal read which leads the reader down a frightening and twisted path. Miriam Cooke writes an ending which leaves her reader speculating how the sequel will develop.
I thank Miriam Cooke for gifting this copy to me and I would recommend it to readers of paranormal mysteries.

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