COVER REVEAL Fire (Elemental (Fire #4) Shauna Granger

Title:Fire (Elemental, #4)
Age Group: Young Adult/New Adult
Genre: Urban fantasy
Expected Release: December 18, 2012
Cover Design: Mooney Designs
Cover reveal organized by: AToMR Tours


Demons, faeries, and mermaids. Claws, teeth,and nightmares.
They have been beaten and bruised, set onfire, and nearly drowned, but manage to always find theirway home.  Over their last Winter Holidaybreak before college, Shayna, Jodi, and Steven try again to put aside the magicin their lives for a little mundane fun. But Shayna’s mother is having dreamsof fire and death. A mysterious stranger by the name of Liam has just arrivedin town. And Shayna’s attempts to manage her new angelic powers are set back bySteven’s insistence that the trio intervene in a riot outside of a concert,with disastrous consequences.
In her attempt to stop the riot, a man seesShayna use her magical abilities – a man driven mad by watching his brother dieat the hands of a black witch. He stalks Shayna, plotting to destroy her andher friends. With her mother’s warnings echoing in her mind, Shayna is now inthe fight of her life against an unlikely foe: a human man.


Like so many other writers, Shauna grew upas an avid reader, it was in high school that she realized she wanted to be awriter. Five years ago Shauna started work on her Elemental Series and released  the first installment, Earth, on May 1, 2011. When not reading andwriting, Shauna enjoys cooking and playing hostess whenever she can
Links to find/buy previousbooks in the series:


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