Review of ‘Mobster’s Girl’ Amy Rachiele

Rating: 4 stars

Genre: crime, family drama, YA, romance

When I started reading this book I had just finished a particularly heavy story and thank Amy Rachiele for my gifted copy as I needed the escapism that a young adult romance offers.
I found that the story of ‘Mobster’s Girl’ was based heavily on stereotypes, which I found humorous but it did not remove from my enjoyment of the book.
Megan is an Irish girl who lives in an American-Italian neighbourhood, and is in a minority at school. However, she manages to attract the attention of the Italian boys mainly because of her red hair, pale skin and pretty face.
Tonio is a mobster’s son who has just turned 18 and so been initiated into his father’s “business”; he is surrounded by a world of violence, undertaking “work” for his dad. He has been warned to stay away from Megan but for a long time he has watched her and wanted her . . . 
This book drew me in with its Romeo and Juliet plot line, which ran alongside the sometimes shocking story of Toni’s life. Tonio is the stained character next to Megan’s chaste one and the reader is left questioning if the relationship will work under the pressure, but at the same time wishing for a happy ending.
The peripheral characters that Amy Rachiele writes add humour and drama to the story – I loved Vito and Alessandra, Toni’s friends; I wanted to constantly punch Troy, Megan’s “best friend” and Erin was the perfect little sister!
‘Mobster’s Girl’ has romance, violence and an explosive, heart-wrenching conclusive twist which had me heading straight for Amazon to buy the sequel!
I would recommend this to all fans of Young Adult Romance . . . Enjoy!!!


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