Review of ‘Forbidden Forest’ Tenaya Jayne

Genre: fantasy, pararomance, vampires, werewolves, couldn’t put down, 
Rating: 5 stars (and then some!)

For a huge fan of fantasy fiction, I was slightly apprehensive to Tenaya Jayne’s approach to the genre . . . but OH! I love being surprised!! 🙂
For me this book was like the treasure box full of jewellery and sparkly things I used to play with as a little girl at my Nan’s . . . I used to dress up and play pretend for hours with the pretty ornaments, kind of like the way I hid inside the pages of ‘Forbidden Forest’, letting its fantasy and characters envelop me.
Tenaya Jayne has created a world so vivid, yet outside the normal genre of the fantasy/paranormal that the story was absorbing and Forest is a half-elf, half-shifter  who hates vampires after being abused by one, but is now being sent on a mission to protect the Vampire Prince, Syrus, who seeks a wizard to restore his sight.
Amidst all of this, it appears that war is about to break out in Regia, the home of all paranormal ‘creatures’ and the werewolves, vampires, elves, ogres and witches are all ready to fight against and among each other.
However, Forest and Syrus find themselves only concerned with each other. Forest does not want to spend time with a vampire, particularly one she is having to fight her attraction to, and Syrus feels frustrated because he cannot see her face and does not know why she feels such an animosity towards him. The banter created by Tenaya Jayne is humorous and also filled with sexual tension and this atmosphere only intensifies throughout the book, but any reader expecting gratuitous sex scenes will be disappointed!
I want to rant on about what wonderful characters Forest and Syrus are – they kick-ass, together and alone! – and as they are written cleverly I felt as I was knowing them as friends and wanting to spend more time with them!
And the plot? I loved the threads and intricacies and the twists- I didn’t want the end to come (and the sequel isn’t ready!) but the irony is that the climax is worth getting to the end for!

It makes my day to see all your comments :-) Thanks xx

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