Author Interview (my first!)

Ashleigh Wolfgang  . . Author of ‘The Devil’s Serum’

Q. What was your favourite book as a child?
A. I loved Where the Wild Things Are, and nearly everything by Dr. Seuss. I still think think that the Dr. Seuss books are brilliant and they were some of my first purchases for my own son. We must have read them a million times when he was still small. Now he’s 10 and he just borrowed the Hunger Games from me…Where does the time go?

Q. What inspires you the most when you are writing?
A. Currently I’m inspired most by necessity. I’m writing full time (Which means I’m marketing closer to full time and writing as I find time) and it’s feast or famine. I hope that the day comes when I can again draw inspiration from something less pressing than the rent being due.
QDo you think blogging and social networking is a positive tool for authors?
A. I absolutely think that it is. There is nothing quite as valuable as a recommendation when it comes to books. With nearly every other art form you can develop your opinion within seconds but a book takes an investment of your time. It’s a lot easier to convince someone to take that leap into an unknown author when someone that you know or respect tells you that it’s not going to be a fruitless venture.
Q. What is your writing process? 
A. It’s a lot less defined than I would like, and it’s messy. I have notes scribbled on anything within reach…unopened mail, backs of store receipts. I imagine if you looked inside my head that the view would be quite similar
Q. What do you find hardest in creating a character like Christian?
A. I know that a lot of people typically draw their characters from their own traits or experiences but I try to challenge myself to write away from my comfort zone. In the case of Christian I often ask myself what I would do and then have Christian do the exact and polar opposite. It isn’t until the third book The Devil’s Apprentice that Christian finally begins to grow up as an immortal. He goes through nearly 50 years of “infancy” before he finally stops trying to muck up the works. While I like to think that I do share some characteristics with Christian, I would hope that I would be a little less naive if faced with immortality.
Q.  What is your next project?
A. It’s actually even more of a stretch to write the protagonist that I’m currently writing. She’s a 16 year old girl that is turned into a vampire, and I have never written a teenage girl or a vampire in my life. The story is exciting to me though, the synopsis is that this young girl puts herself in some precarious situations that ultimately lead to her getting raped, as she is left for dead by her attacker, she is discovered by a vampire that takes advantage of her victimized state and turns her in the process of getting an easy meal. So now you have this angry eternal teenager that begins putting herself out as bait for pedophiles in the hopes of finding the man, and also the vampire that changed her life forever. As strange as it still feels to write, I’m really excited about it. I also plan for Christian to return for two more books to complete the Ramblings of the Damned series, hopefully before year’s end.
Q. What 2 items would you take on a desert island?
A. I think I’d have to take my wife and children if that counts. Misery loves company. If that’s too off base then I think I would need a David Bowie CD and player. Wait…My Ipod and a sleeping bag. Yeah I think that would be my final answer.

Thank you to Ashliegh for his time . . please read my review of ‘The Devil’s Serum’

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