Free on Amazon 4th-8th Oct

From Goodreads:

Corpalism is an exciting and often funny mixture of timely political commentary that moves in a believable way, between fact and fiction.

The book begins in a dystopian world – a casually dark and callous future wrought by unchecked corporate greed. 
The timeline moves back and forth 20 years, using inter connected characters and storylines. Situational humour lightens the mood and the characters are well-crafted, individual and interesting; ranging from the cynically evil, through the surprisingly likeable to the positively evangelical. 

Corpalism remonstrates against the evil of corporate greed, puts forward a credible alternative to the duopoly of current party politics and offers hope of an alternative future if we act now. 

A unique experience – a page turner with a message.


One thought on “Free on Amazon 4th-8th Oct

  1. I=This looks really interesting. I am very interesting in politics, growing corporate power, etc. I also like novels that attempt to predict the future.

    As it is free for another day I think that I will download it now.

    Thanks for the tip!


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