Review of ‘The Sheol’ by Mia Hoddell

Genre: Urban Fantasy, paranormal romance, tense, YA
Rating: 4 stars

Kala and Chris – alternate narrators of this story are ex-fiancées – Kala works for ‘The Company’, often as an assassin, other times just as a medium of evil; and Chris is dead.
If I had purchased this book, rather than it being a gift from the author, I may have given up on the story after the first few chapters as there were several ‘WTF?’ moments and I felt very disconnected from the characters and events.
However, continuing to read became a stimulating and emotional experience and I stayed up way past my bedtime in order to finish the book!
For a début author Mia Hoddell writes with maturity and depth and takes her reader on an unexpected journey which becomes warped with violence and evil. Yet still Miss Hoddell encourages us to see the humanity and heart of a character who is fatally flawed.
One tip though to anybody who will be reading ‘The Sheol’ . . . .ensure you have ‘The Flawless on hand to start straight after!

2 thoughts on “Review of ‘The Sheol’ by Mia Hoddell

  1. This sounds dark as it sounds like the main characters are not so nice. Once in a while it is a nice change of pace to read something like this.

    It is interesting how you almost gave up on this then ended up liking it. Like many readers I have had this experience. I wonder if some books should come with a warning like, 'Caution, takes time to get into!”


  2. I have just tried to give a honest review and I think it is challenging for a reader to face a story we don't quite connect with at first . . .'The Sheol' is ultimately a good vs evil story and Mia Hoddell has thought about her use of characters, which only adds to the strength of her story writing . . . . I can only recommend people read the book 🙂


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