Review of ‘Innocent Hearts’ Jess Mountifield

Rating: 3 stars
Genre: YA, fantasy, short story

I was disappointed with the two stories contained in ‘Innocent Hearts’; not with their content, however, but with the fact that they both seemed incomplete, even for short stories.
In ‘The Path Home’ we are introduced to Bronwen, amidst her grief, as she searches through her mother’s belongings. Bronwen is half-elf and faces the perilous journey to the Eleven city alone. Initially I felt pity for her – but this was her only redeeming quality – she appears to be a feeble and selfish character. However, Bronwen would have been more interesting if she had been consumed by her lust!
I felt this story ended abruptly, and I hope that it will be continued by Jess Mountifield at a later date.
‘Learning to fly’ takes place away from the elves, but the stories connect in the same fantastical world. Liza is a Nepharil, whose father believes in a ‘woman’s’ duty and marriage.
Liza is the opposite of Bronwen in many ways; she is able to cook, clean and run the house; she has a family and she has a strong enough personality to resist her father’s beatings. However, Liza does not have the independence of Bronwen and this is why her uncle has been teaching her to fly!
This story has a more solid resolution than the first but there is still room for it to be pursued.
I would recommend this to readers of YA fantasy who want a light escapist read but not a plot or characters to become attached to.

I thank Jess Mountifield for gifting me this book šŸ™‚

It makes my day to see all your comments :-) Thanks xx

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