Review of ‘Cursed’ Jennifer L Armentrout

Rating: 4 stars

Genre: YA, fantasy, romance, couldn’t put down, escapism

So, I wanted some comfort reading and who better to turn to than Jennifer L Armentrout? And the lady did me proud!! I devoured ‘Cursed’ in one sitting and loved it! (Hayden helped LOL!!)
This book has an uncomfortable plot . . .a five year old girl who can bring people and animals back from the dead?! . . It isn’t a zombie book though, honest! . . . Olivia was able to bring her elder sister Ember back from the dead during a car crash which killed their father, now Ember is ‘cursed’ with the ‘gift’ to cause pain to or kill anyone she comes into skin-to-skin contact with.
After Ember accidentally kills one of her classmates and she, her mum and Olivia are moved to a new home she discovers they are ‘gifted’ and Hayden offers to help her control her power . . . . 
Ember is a kick-ass female protagonist who is flawed but this makes her vulnerable and human; she has cared for her sister, her mum and herself whilst overseeing their gifts; housekeeping, school and dealing with her grief. Jennifer l Armentrout has written about her with sensitivity and I felt more connected with her than any other of the author’s characters.
Hayden is interesting – he is hot and romantic and for the most part lovely to read about, but then he has a flip side! I was confused as to which emotion to feel towards Hayden until nearer the end of the book when his past is revealed.
Jennifer L Armentrout has used her gift of writing to create some bold and fascinating characters – some of whom are just tolerable!
This was a captivating story with a delicately woven plot, which held me from the very first page, the fantasy/romance element is not new but Jennifer L Arementrout has a way of writing which made ‘Cursed’ début on a whole new level. I am very thankful I needed some comfort reading!


One thought on “Review of ‘Cursed’ Jennifer L Armentrout

  1. Kirsty – This plot sounds a little like some of the early Stephan King books.

    What you wrote about the characters made me think . I always felt that characters did not always have to be likable to be compelling and interesting. That sounds like the case here.


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