Review of ‘Nightwatching’ John Zunski

Genre: ghosts, paranormal, romance, tense
Rating: 4.5 stars

I have intentionally left a few days between finishing ‘Nightwatching’ and writing my review, as the book is one of those rare finds in contemporary literature where I found myself left with an imprint of the characters and plot long after I had switched off my Kindle.
However, ‘Nightwatching’ was a slow starter – the best analogy I have is to compare the book with an emerging butterfly. The start of the book is when the butterfly is poking its head out of the chrysalis – like the way in which John Zunski begins his story slowly, introducing his two main characters Travis and Sondra. He allows the reader to know their secrets bit by bit, although we are aware they are a grieving couple who have lost their young son and have moved to the country amid marital difficulties . . . . 
As the butterfly starts to push further out its world becomes more interesting – at this stage of the book more characters are introduced – all of whom have more secrets and hidden emotion – and the meaning of the word ‘Nightwatcher’ is revealed. Travis and Sondra’s relationship is further explored and her gambling addiction manifests.
By now the butterfly may have pushed its way out enough to start uncurling its wings – and so the plot begins to twist more and in a way that meant I was up past midnight reading, my feelings connected to those of the characters . . .
So the butterfly fully emerges and beats its wings to fly away, signifying the last chapters of ‘Nightwatching’ – and in all honesty my heart would have been beating in time to the butterfly’s wings – out of fear! John Zunski had created a climax which, to me, was unexpected, horrifying and poignant, and it brought gasps and even a tear.
This is a strong story with a very intense plot but I would recommend it to those with a strong heart! LOL!

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