Review of ‘A Lady By Any Other Name’ Jennifer Kitchens

Genre: romance, escapism, couldn’t put down
Rating: 5 stars

Dear Mrs Kitchens

I have just finished reading the copy of ‘A Lady By Any Other Name’ which you so kindly sent to me and I would like to ask when Julian Foxley will be on sale? . . .Yes, I am being serious, I would like to buy him, however much his family objects!
I have swooned over him throughout the pages of your enchanting and engaging romance story, so much so that I now cannot believe he is a figment of your imagination and therefore I want him as my own!
I have considered the way in which he welcomed Nicole into his home, whilst all the time she was lying to him, and I wanted to rescue him from the obvious spell she had him under . . .admittedly I may be speaking out of jealousy here, Nicole had obviously gone through a very difficult time, discovering her true parentage just prior to her ‘father’s’ death and then being treated as a servant by her step-brother. She was then thrown into London society, under the guidance of Julian (lucky her!) and Aunt Gussy with no idea of the proper etiquette.
I believe that if Nicole had not had Clara, Julian’s ward and daughter of his late brother, for companionship she may have left the house but I think ultimately this relationship became as important to her as her one with Julian.
Here I am talking of him again, and every time I mention him I shiver! I hope that others will read your book to share in wonderful writing – the romance, historical balls, the mystery and most of all the strong characters – but I am reluctant to share Julian with anyone else!

I hope that I will hear from you very soon.

With kind regards

Kirsty Vizard
(not crazy or a stalker!)


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