Review of "VU:Vampire University" Amanda Keenan

Genre: vampires, ya, romance, disappointed
Rating: 2.5 stars

I wanted ‘VU:Vampire University’ to be more than the usual generic vampire story – boy meets girl, one of the couple is a vampire, the other wants/needs to be changed – but unfortunately I was disappointed :-(.
Camille is a weak heroine; she has received her only university acceptance from Vermont University, somewhere she has never heard of . . yet she leaves home and arrives at the airport where there are no other students, only a creepy looking man who invites her into a car with tinted windows . . .I mean, I would already be on the next plane home! But no, our heroine is arriving at a old dark building with towers . . .yes, towers . . . to be sat next to a pale but gorgeous guy to a strange meat dish covered in an unknown red sauce . . . RUN GIRL RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
However, I did finish this book, as Amanda Keenan made me question my own judgement about certain characters, particularly Calvin, Camille’s love interest.  He and I had very strong love/hate relationship!
The book is also worth staying with  for the final few chapters which are an exciting climax and earned VU an extra half star!!
I wouldn’t suggest anyone rush to put this book at the top of their ‘To Be Read’ pile but maybe on a slow book week it might be one you could look up . . . . 


It makes my day to see all your comments :-) Thanks xx

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