Review of "Bleeding Hearts" Ash Krafton

Genre: Vampires; paranormal; romance; shapeshifters; couldn’t put dowm
Rating: 4 stars

Sophie Galen is an agony aunt who cares about people – she may say too much. One afternoon she walks into the Egyptian display at the museum and meets a mysterious man, whom she feels drawn to. Through Marek, Sophie is introduced to a world of Vampires and Werewolves and it unleashes a power in her she never knew existed . . . .
During the first two chapters I was unsure what my opinion was of “Bleeding Hearts”. Sophie was a negative character and seemingly happy to remain to cocooned in her little world.
The religious element was also a surprise to me, particularly in a vampire novel, however I now understand and respect its purpose, particularly in the case of Jared’s character.
As soon as Sophie met Marek I found I was drawn to the story so much that I did not want to put my Kindle down.
I actually found it a refreshing change that a vampire love story could be told without explicit sex scenes; there was enough tension and fear to keep me near the edge of my seat; then there were the characters – the ones with the humanity whom I loved, like Rodrian, and then the ones who Krafton described with such intense evil, like the Master.
This book would be enjoyed by fans of paranormal romance fiction who enjoy a ‘real’ plot and beautiful writing which makes characters and events jump off the page . . . . . the sequel will be worth the wait!!!


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