Review Of "Wander Dust" Michelle Warren

Review also available on Goodreads

Genre: paranormal, romance, YA
Rating: 3 stars

“Wander Dust” is the story of Seraphina who, having lost her mother at an early age, lives with her emotionally defective father and has spent her life moving from place to place. However, following a move to Miami Beach and her sixteenth birthday, Sera experiences several bizarre occurrences and her father, putting it down to bad behaviour, sends her to Chicago to live with her Aunt.
Whilst in Chicago strange things continue to happen and she meets ‘British Stalker Boy’ who encourages Sera to unlock her special power, which start her on a path to a new life . . . . .
I have read a review on Goodreads by “Lisa O” which described this book as the “lovechild of Jumper and Harry Potter” which I believe is a very apt analogy – it is certainly very apparent where Michelle Warren draws some of her inspiration from.
At times I found this story absorbing and so full of description I thought my head might burst, yet I also admit to being a little confused at times by the plot, particularly when Sera’s sole focus changes and the characters become slightly disjointed and the plot overwhelming.
Sera is an engaging character, who is able to handle the change that her special powers bring her and she retains her morality and modesty.
I really liked the character of Sam, who seemed spoilt and untrustworthy to begin with, yet proved to be so much more.
However, Max had me puzzled at the start of the story and I still remain unconvinced by him now.
Overall, I felt that “Wander Dust” is an interesting novel with an entertaining mix of characters, suspense and imagery and although it failed to reach my expectations I would recommend it to all fans of YA paranormal/magical fiction and I will be putting “Protecting Truth” on my ‘To be Read’ list.


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