Review of "Shadow of Night" Deborah Harkness

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Genre: Romance, vampires, witches, paranormal, historical.
2 stars.

Matthew and Diana begin their journey time walking, in search of a witch or wizard, who can help Diana remove her parents’ binding spell and enable her to unlock her true power.
They are also searching for, the book which led to so much trouble for Diana in ‘A Discovery of Witches’ and which wearhs and witches believe uncover secrets to their true power.
However, while surrounded by a multitude of pseudo-historical characters, some of whom are likeable and colourful, and there are enough of them that we need a character list, I felt that Matthew and Diana’s character’s remained stagnant. The events they go through, both personally, and as a couple do not seem to encourage the growth I expected, despite their paranormal statuses.
The portrayal of historical figures such as Queen Elizabeth I and Sir Walter Raleigh is hollow and they appear as transparent and false characters which is an injustice.
I did love the coven witches, particularly, Goody Allsopp- who was so strong presence I could picture her standing next to her fetch!
Deborah Harkness is a very clever author who left many threads hanging in ‘Shadow of Night’ and although I was disappointed with this story I will look forward to seeing these tied in the conclusion of the trilogy.


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