Review of "Blood Lust Rising" Fayth Devlin

Review also available on Goodreads.

Genre: demons, urban fantasy, explicit, adult, demons, vampire
Rating: 5 stars

Fayth Devlin’s “Blood Lust Rising” introduces its reader to the Shadow Agency – a group who hunt ‘creatures’ – demons, vampires and shapeshifters.
Micah and Ella are two of these hunters and the story opens with them in a graveyard. As the two banter in a sexually charged atmosphere we discover that Ella is a half-vampire who has taken an oath never to drink blood, although she has an urge to. As the two continue to hunt, they meet what they believe is a Succubus and their world goes black . . . . .
What follows is a fast-paced, exciting, sexually-charged story which had me riveted from start to finish. Micah and Ella’s relationship is complicated and unconventional – yet Fayth Devlin  has written them both as strong and witty characters who challenge stereotypes of urban fantasy novels. I instantly wanted more of them as they made me laugh and scream in equal measure.
I also found the supporting characters of Hannah, Elijah, Dante and Castro intriguing – especially the questions Fayth Devlin leaves open at the end of the novel, which leave you begging for the sequel.


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