Review of "The Kure" Jaye Frances

WHOA!!!I feel like I’ve stepped off a rollercoaster ride and my stomach has tied itself into knots!

Jaye Frances is a magical storyteller who binds her reader into a believable world of mysticism and black magic, whilst keeping their feet firmly planted in the world of 19th Century farming, medicine, duty and romance.
John’s story begins with his body being ravaged by a rare infection which the town’s doctor wants to cure with a bloodletting by leeches. John, frightened by the idea, pleads with the doctor, asking if there is any other cure . . .and this opens the book of the Kure.
Initially I was not entirely convinced by John’s character, thinking he was motivated by selfishness and fear, but as the story progresses and he meets Sarah he is allowed to reveal more of himself and is redeemed.
Sarah’s character is by far the most likeable though. She is strong, smart and beautiful and breaks the rules that bound women in that age.
The Kure was a unique story which took me from anticipation to fear to revulsion to an unexpected climax and I would recommend to all fans of paranormal/horror.
I look forward to reading more of Jaye Frances’ work and particularly the sequel.


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